T mobile illegally locking iPhone SE


    So I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but I purchased an iPhone SE from a private seller. It was brand new in the box still sealed. I took it to T-Mobile and activated it. I know for a fact that it had never been associated with another account because they were able to use the same card that was still in the phone. Although they still charge me for one.


    I was told by seven different people that swore up-and-down that a no  Credit check account was the same thing as a regular credit check account. And that it was not a prepaid plan. So I opted to do that. A week later when I still couldn't verify my phone with PayPal which had been the whole point of getting off of my family plan and  switching to T-Mobile in the first place, I find out that my no credit check account is just a prepaid account. So I called T-Mobile and I asked him how can I switch my account and they said to go down to the store which I did.


    Unfortunately, I gave the woman an incorrect Social Security number which was completely my fault I had been online with PayPal and I had my business tax ID number in my head I made a mistake.

    The next morning I am mediately called T-Mobile and said hey I'm so sorry I gave you the wrong number how can we fix this.


    I was told to go back down to the T-Mobile store and provide them my documentation and they would fix the problem no big deal. Which I did. Fortunately what he did was he opened up yet another account for me. So at this point I now have my no credit check account, and to credit check accounts with different Social Security numbers. I was told everything was fine I go home I wake up the next morning my phone is suspended and it's to the fraud department.  I go back down to T-Mobile after I'm advised to go down and have them fax my documentation to T-Mobile fraud department. Which I did.

    It is now been over a week. My phone is still suspended. I keep trying to say that I just want my account canceled because I've already gotten a regular credit check account with Verizon with no problems and I'm frankly fed up with T-Mobile however the problem now is that my phone is somehow locked to T-Mobile.


    Remember from the beginning I brought my own phone to this plan. However now I'm being told that my account has a balance of over $350 because I still owe 23 more payments on my iPhone. Now how does that work out?

    I have now taken my information down to the T-Mobile store and they have faxed it to the front apartment twice. I talked to corporate on the 30th they advised me that they sent an email trying to clear everything up for me and told me to fax my information myself which I did.


    I don't know what else I'm supposed to do but I do know one thing it is absolutely illegal for T-Mobile to be locking my phone and pretending like I financed my phone when I brought my own phone. Are you kidding me?

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