Lost a SIM card



    i have prepaid SIM card,

    I lost it.i am in Asia now.

    how do I do now.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Lost a SIM card

        Is there anyone in the US who can buy you a new unactivated SIM and send it to you? You should be able to request a SIM swap via online chat or using your backup voice system (e.g. Skype). It might be best if this can be done by the person who gets you the SIM as the SIM might need to be "seen" by T-Mobile's native network.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Lost a SIM card

          Oh, that's so rough halite081. We definitely want you to get another one so you can stay connected. I agree with the suggestion above. Do you have someone stateside that can send you another SIM card? Please keep us posted and let us know if you got this resolved. Thanks.

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          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Lost a SIM card

            Hey there, halite081! Just wanted to check in here and see if you were able to have a friend or family get a replacement SIM to you. I'm sorry to read that your trip was interrupted this way!


            - Marissa

              • halite081

                Re: Lost a SIM card


                I really thanks for giving me reply.

                How soon get the new SIM card to my friends office in New York.

                He might be flying to Asia end of this month.

                Thanks a lot for your response.

                And I really appreciate that.




                  • tidbits

                    Re: Lost a SIM card

                    He can walk into a store and purchase a sim.  THen you can activate it then he travels to you and gives you the sim.


                    You can't activate a sim while roaming especially international.

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                  • halite081

                    Re: Lost a SIM card

                    can t-mobile send a card to his office,

                    if i give address them.

                    or is there is a any phone number to contact

                    to them directly or email id?

                    thanks for your support.

                      • tmo_marissa

                        Re: Lost a SIM card

                        Hiya, halite081! Our Contact Us page has the number for international Customer Care, although without a T-Mobile SIM you will need to bear in mind that there will be long distance fees or tolls to call. Another good option, if you're active on social media at all, is to reach out to our T-Force team. You can contact them through Messenger on Facebook, or DM on Twitter (@tmobilehelp). Through those channels we can securely verify your account information and see if we can get a SIM order completed with your friend's address.


                        - Marissa

                    • sergei85

                      Re: Lost a SIM card

                      1. Can anybody clarify what data about SIM need to be stored in a safe place to swap SIM in case I lost it?

                      Please enumerate what I need to know about my old SIM card: PIN? DOB? SIM card number? phone IMEI? anything else?

                      Also please enumerate what I need to tell to the customer care staff from the new SIM card (I belive only SIM card number, but...).

                      Please answer only If you absolutely sure and can strictly enumerate since this is important question.


                      2. If I lost or demage my SIM I can buy another unactivated - here is no problem, but

                      If I will be outside of US (the most of the time I spent outside US, my home country is Russia) when I need to swap lost\demaged SIM, I can call customer care - there is no problem too, but will T-mobile staff do the swap for me or not (since I am not in US and my new (unactivated SIM never can be connected to the T-Mobile's native network, it can be connecte via MTS company here in Russia)?


                      3. It is possible to do sim swap with the T-Mobile profile on website?


                      3. How to block lost SIM immediately after I lost it with T-Mobile website?

                      I need to do it instantly since stolen SIM can be used to restore access to whatsapp messagers with sensitive infomation and other messengers and website accounts?

                      Please instruct me with as much details as possible.

                      What additional information I will need to provide with website while blocking the SIM?



                      thanks in advance for your answers.