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New Customer As of Yesterday - Porting and Service Issues


    Issue # 1)  I switched to T-Mobile yesterday from Sprint.  The account is in my mothers name but I am an authorized user.  I went to call in today due to an issue T-Mobile caused, and they asked for the password which I wasn't positive on.  Then they asked for my mothers social security number.  I explained I was on the account but they would not talk to me without her social number.  I don't understand how I can be on the account but still cannot talk to anyone I asked about putting on my social as well and they said they couldn't.  How can I be able to contact t-mobile if I don't know her social forget my password and cannot add my own social as well?


    Issue #2) I spoke with T-Mobile 2 hours ago to port my number onto a specific number.  My mothers number was ported the day before.  T-Mobile ported my number over her recently ported number.  When speaking to T-Mobile they said it would now take 48 hours to resolve.  Yet the broke it in 2 hours.  How can I get this resolved quicker.


    Issue #3) Due to the mistake of t-mobile now they are also saying i need to swap sim cards because they cannot put my number on the phone I physically have at the moment due to their mistake.


    I am so mad with T-Mobile and it hasn't even been 24 hours since I signed up for service.


    I want to send an immediate formal complaint to T-Mobile (Not by mail) as I am basically screwed.  With all the mistakes of T-Mobile I have incorrect numbers and they have no concern over what they did.


    Please can anyone help?

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