Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO Rebate Denied


    I finally figured out how to check the status of my rebate, and it's saying it was denied.


    I had two lines, one for me, one for my daughter on the One plan. I brought my girlfriend over to my account, bringing my total to three. The salesperson told me about this BOGO deal. He looked at my account twice to make sure i qualified for the rebate, assured me repeatedly that I did. We were encouraged to go online and order our phones to avoid having to pay some fee (I can't remember what it was, but I think it amounted to about $70 or so), and we were given the URL for the rebate site. I ordered the phones, and soon after that I went to the rebate site. I plugged in my number, my PIN and the BOGO code the employee gave me. I got a message saying I was eligible, and that was that, I never heard anything else. Well, August 28th was the 8 week mark, and I started to really worry when I hadn't gotten the card in the mail like I was told. Like, lose sleep type of worry. Hence this post being done at 3:31 in the morning. Anyway, after not sleeping well for a few nights, I decided just now to try to figure out the status once and for all, and I found out it's been denied. Can someone please help me? If I don't get this rebate, I'll have essentially been duped into making a $750 mistake. I can't afford my phone bill as it is, and it's stressing me out big time.

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      • tmo_chris

        Re: Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO Rebate Denied

        Oh my goodness! I want to make sure you ate able to get the rebate you are eligible for! $750 is quite a bit of money so I totally understand where you are coming from. Did you by any chance see the reason for your denial?

        • tmo_marissa

          Re: Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO Rebate Denied

          Hey there, magenta2546423! We don't want you losing sleep! Could you share the message you're seeing? There are a few different denial codes and if we know which one, we can help rule out the issue so that you can work with the rebate team with confidence! How are things going for you?


          - Marissa

            • magenta2546423

              I'm sorry, now I can't log back into the site to check my eligibility. I've

              tried every PIN it could be. I'm using the promo code *17JUNESAMBOGO. What

              do I do?*

                • magenta2546423

                  OK, I finally found the denial again. It says:

                  This rebate card offer requires that 1) your account have at least 2 lines of service, 2) one additional line of service activated during eligibility period and 3) at least one service line has an eligible rate plan. Our records indicate that you do not have the valid lines of service and/or rate plan required..


                  So let's break this down:

                  1) at least two lines of service. I had two to begin with. Mine and my daughter's.

                  2) One addt'l line activated during eligibility period. Eligibility period defined as June 16-July 13. I ordered on July 3rd, activated on July 5th
                  3) At least one service line has an eligible rate plan. I have the ONE plan on all lines.

                  There is no excuse to not accept this rebate. To do so basically means Tmobile swindled me out of about $1500. $750 for the card I'm not getting, and another $750 for the phone I SURE as hell wouldn't have bought if I'd known the BOGO deal was a sham. Hopefully someone can help, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

                    • tmo_chris

                      Re: Samsung Galaxy S8 BOGO Rebate Denied

                      It sounds like you met all of the requirements listed. I think that the best course of action here is going to be having our rebate care team take a look at your account and submission to see what is going on. You can reach them by calling this number and entering these prompts.





                      Press 1 for English.

                      Press 2 for Terms & Conditions

                      Press 2 for General Instructions

                      Press 1 for Additional Assistance.