Distraught 14 year Old


    I am really upset at the moment with T-Mobile. I have spent over 6 hours talking to people, being put on hold and being messed around. In brief, I believed I only had a voice service on my sons phone. When I first got it I specifically asked them to turn OFF the data option. When I got my first bill there were data charges, so I called them and they kindly cancelled the charges and confirmed the data service was off. In June my son and I traveled in up state NY and in my July billing cycle I received a bill for over $1100 for three charges related to data roaming (Bell Canada). How can I have data turned off and still have data roaming charges. Since then and having talked to over a dozen people who told me they would 'take care' of the charges. Today I am informed the charges are valid. They would not give me a reason why the charges are valid and the supervisor who made the decision would not get on a call with me. I have already written to John Legere, hoping his administration will read and get me a positive message back to me. By the way, despite being assured that my son would not have his phone turned off nor would he be harassed, he has had his phone turned off and he was harassed. Could somebody please explain to me that if I was informed the data option was turned off how can I still be billed for data roaming?

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