New customer already disappointed - PERKSPOT program


    Hopefully someone from T Mobile customer service will read this:


    After almost 15 years with Verizon, I became a new T Mobile customer earlier this week.  They were highly recommended by others in my family.


    I went to a T Mobile store and set up my service with 2 new lines.  The next morning at work I received an email from my employer that I was eligible for a discount with T Mobile through the PERKSPOT program.  This program offers all kinds of discounts at stores, web sites, etc.  T Mobile had a promotion through Perkspot offering a $100 gift card and waiving the $25 SIM activation fee for each new line of service.


    I called the number provided through Perkspot and the T Mobile representative and their supervisor both told me I was not eligible to receive these discounts because I set up the new service at a store and not by calling the Perkspot number.  They are missing the point that I am in fact a new customer, and I did set up new service with 2 new lines.  They are also overlooking the fact that I am an employee of a company that they chose to partner with to offer these kinds of discounts in the hopes of getting new customers like me.  Had I even known that this discount through Perkspot existed I obviously would have waited and called the number rather than going to the store.  Now they are refusing to offer this discount over what really amounts to a minor technicality and is a matter of only a few hours difference of when I became a new customer.


    T Mobile is missing an opportunity here to provide good service to a brand new customer who I'm assuming they hope to keep for many years, as I did with Verizon.  I don't think it's unreasonable for them to work around this technicality and as an act of good faith toward a new customer, to offer these discounts under these circumstances.  Speaking as a customer, their explanation that their system or department doesn't allow them to do this or is not set up for it is completely unacceptable.  It only gives the impression that they are unwilling to invest the time and effort to identify and use the resources within their company (which I'm certain they exist) to handle this.


    T Mobile has really disappointed me as a new customer.  This situation does not give me the impression that they are too concerned with the level of customer service they provide.  Hopefully this will get their attention and be helpful to others who are considering becoming their customers as well.

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