Digits: can’t receive SMS, but can send


    I have an iPhone 6s and iPad mini 4. When I activate Digits on my iPad, I can receive and make calls and send SMS (haven’t tried MMS yet).  But I can’t receive SMS messages.


    I’m using iOS 11 on the iPad, and the latest iOS on the iPhone. 


    What at am I missing? Do I need to run Digits on my iPhone, too?

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, cmalkiel! Not much point in sending messages if you can't see the replies! :/ Have you been able to get to the bottom of this? Do you have iMessage disabled on the phone and the iPad (we know that can cause some trouble with message continuity)?


        - Marissa

        • cmalkiel

          Re: Digits: can’t receive SMS, but can send

          Thanks for your reply.  I've turned off iMessage on both my iPhone and iPad, and can (eventually) see SMS messages in the Digits app on my iPad, but I am not receiving any notifications that a message has arrived. I have to open the Digits app to see if a message was received.


          I have all the 'Notifications' turned on in the Digits setting on the iPad, including persistent alerts, but nothing appears and I don't get any sound alerts. I have to listen for my iPhone to sound an alert, then look on the iPad to find a new message and reply... kind of a waste of time.


          I might as well just use the iPhone for all my SMS if Digits doesn't work on the iPad.

          • cmalkiel

            Re: Digits: can’t receive SMS, but can send

            I made sure that iMessage was turned off, and I'm now able to send and receive SMS


            Some issues remain with the app itself, like being unable to switch between different conversations, but I'll search for that.