I need corporate  email or number


    Thursday night24th I decided to help my grandmother pay on the phone I added 40 to the account and instead of 40 dollars 484 dollars was taking out of my account that night 8/24 I called in to report I need a refund she told me I'll have to call back in the morning Friday 8/25 I called back in, the women supposedly put my refund claim in and said I will have my money in by Sunday. Sunday 8/26 there was still no money in my account I called back in and she said I'll have to wait to Tuesday because it won't process over a weekend. I wait to Tuesday 8/29 still no money I called back & she said maybe it will take the full 5 business days so I wait till today Thursday 8/31. Still no money was added back to my account I called over and now the manager is telling me the claim for the refund was never submitted so she'll have to submit one today and I will have to wait another 5 businesses day which mean I won't get my money till next week since the weekend is approaching. THIS IS VERY UNPROFESSIONAL I called many times to Check on my refund so why didn't they tell me the claim was submitted incorrectly then. I AM A STRUGGLING COLLEGE STUDENT I DONT HAVE 484 dollars to just give out that was the money for my school books they took my whole school refund check out of my account now I'm falling behind in class cause my books cannot be purchased. Tomorrow is the first I HAVE RENT TO PAY and your company is telling me I can't get my money till next week cause Of your agents mistakes. My grandmother have been With this company for years this whole experience have been hell and some one needs to do something about it TODAY ! & the agents are giving me wrong emails

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