Fix the G6 Bootloader!


    Soo apparently for a while now you have been able to unlock the bootloader for the T-Mobile LG G6. AMAZING! GOOD KUDOS T-Mobile for unleashing us from having to USE HORRIBLE LG ANDROID SYSTEMS! Except.


    That's as far as you can get. All the standard commands to install new Android OS have been neutered. That doesn't stop the warning saying that you have now voided your warranty. For what? nothing.


    Why would you want to do this? How about so you can:

    * Get the latest security patches INSTANTLY.. not months down the line

    * Get the latest Android OS INSTANTLY... instead a year later (seriously there are phones that have officially discontinued support - that are more updated than our "new" phones)

    * Use visual voicemail FOR FREE (instead of $3.99 a month)

    * Tether your computer FOR FREE (instead of I have no idea per month)

    * Use the LATEST Android software supported by an amazing group of dedicated individuals.

    * Use a phone app that is TEN TIMES better than what LG comes with - want to look up a phone number not in your phone? type it in, google will give you the nearest locations number (gas/pizza/restaurants/pharmacy)

    * Make the phone act how you want. The ambient display shows four notifications.. BUT thats not how many you really have. Want to know if you missed a message/call/email? better unlock it because the ambient display is only full of LIESsssss.



    If its about money, then i put it in the same category as my cable company trying to upcharge for HD channels, which is all that exists nowadays (remember the converter box that became required to watch years ago?)


    This phone, this company has so much potential and they just squander it. How about unleashing our bootloaders.


    I swear to god, if T-Mobile doesnt pick up the Pixel 2.. I'm out.

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      • tidbits

        Re: Fix the G6 Bootloader!

        T-Mobile has no control like you think they do.  T-Mobile since 2009 has stated they will not lock bootloaders and it's up to the manufacturers to lock it down or not.

        If the bootloader is neutered then that's at the hands of LG not T-Mobile.


        Why are you paying for VVM?  I don't pay for it and I have it, and I am positive a lot of other people do the same.

        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Fix the G6 Bootloader!

          Sorry jamesjay, as mentioned above, T-Mobile doesn't unlock bootloaders. Reaching out to the manufacturer is gonna be your best bet for that. I agree that the VVM feature should be free. Are you sure it's not the voicemail to text feature you're being charged for?