Samsung S7 Edge - Samsung Cloud doesn't automatically back up


    In the auto back up settings it says "Auto back up will start when your phone has been connected to the same wi-fi network for an hour and is charging with the screen turned off. Your phone will only back itself up once every 24 hours." There has been a lot of times where I check the last time my phone was backed up and it will say 3-4 days ago even though I fell asleep with my phone charging and connected to wi-fi. For some reason it just doesn't automatically back up.


    Plus I don't get why the phone has to be charging and connected to the wi-fi with the screen off for an hour before it starts backing up? I don't mind if the phone starts backing up automatically as long as I am connected to the wi-fi, is there a way to change the requirements? I would prefer if I could choose the time when it backs up instead.

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