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    I have been with for over 12 years now and I had fraud on my account where someone ordered a phone. I received a text and I called to let them know I did not order a phone. We got the phone stopped and I thought that was that. Well now I'm being treated like a criminal. I can't make payment online, through app, through automated system or with an agent all because of this. I have to go to the store to make a payment. This is BS. I travel a lot for work sometimes out of the country so I don't have time to go to the store always. They threaten to turn the phone off all the time because I'm late but won't accept my payment unless I go to the store. F T Mobile and thank you after 12-14 years for making my life difficult all because I was a victim. Stop also telling me that you don't know why i cant make a payment. I know I am in fraud prevention. You turned it off because of 1 incident in 12-14 years over a fraud phone order. I can see if I wanted to order a phone online which i never do but all i want to do is make a payment and that is it! Most BS ever. Community

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        Hey, magenta2521704!


        Welcome to our Support Community. Wow, you've been a part of our T-Mobile family for over a decade! Not many people have the opportunity to say that so thank you for continuing to choose Team Magenta!


        Convenience these days is key and it sounds like making a payment is anything but easy. It should be as easy as the click of a button but there's clearly a block on your account preventing you to be able to make a payment online or through the app. I'm incredibly sorry this hasn't been taken care of yet, but I'd like to gather a bit more information from you so I can have this reviewed. I'm sending you a private message which you can view in your inbox here.