Complaint with T-Mobile Free Two Lines after credit and Tablets on Us


    Hello Everyone, I would like to share my disappointment with my recent T-Mobile experience.


    During last Thanksgiving T-Mobile had a promotion two lines  free after bill credit, whether data or phone lines. So though I didn't need any new lines or devices - but free is free - I could not let this chance walk by. I grabbed on to it, especially when T-Mobile representative at the store I signed up told me about an upcoming Black Friday promotion – free tablet if you have a qualifying plan. And that made the deal even sweeter. Yay – I was getting two new free lines with two new tablets!!! – I was extremely excited. I paid $70.00 activation fee per line and went home excited and very proud of snapping such a great deal. Couple days later I went on Black Friday morning to grab my free LG G-Pad X, and they had them available in store – I could not be happier and went to enjoy my latest and greatest free technology!!!!


    It was a happy thing until the first bill came in…. $252.00 instead of $170.00 I got hardly used to. It was a disaster - I immediately called T-Mobile but they calmed me with  - “Oh, it takes couple billing cycle to start all the credits come in…”. I waited patiently for couple months paying exorbitant money for things that were advertised as free. Couple months later I still get the same bills with charges and I called in again to find out what is going on – as it turns out – the lines were not activated in the promotional period and now they charge me for that … And guess who is activating the lines – T-Mobile, not me, and there is no way they can fix that. And the cannot refund any money I already paid. I was disappointed to say the least, the world collapsed together with my belief in T-Mobile care for customers.


    I have been their loyal customer for over 13 years, and recommended it to all of my friends for quality and affordability.  Because I was told nothing can be done to have the lines free, I decided to cancel the two data lines, as I have mentioned I really had no use for it. Well two lines got cancelled – My main phone line I use for business and my son's phone line. I was extremely "happy" about it.  Imagine you main phone stops working during your busiest time of your work day.


    I had to call Customer care to have the two phone lines reactivated and to cancel the correct lines. The Representative I talked to apologized for the mishap, and told me he can give me a free data to keep my lines active  though I was told previously that is not possible – and this is where It started to get confusing. OK, that is great, If you can get me what I signed for before that. But as it turns out its only 200mb of data to keep the line alive. 


    Couple days later I get a call from T-Mobile Customer Care about my overall satisfaction - So I tell the whole story for the third time in detail – at this point it is kind of sad and funny and behold !!! – I am told that they will fix this error, refund all the money and sign me up for 6Gb data per line absolutely free !!! – That will keep both my tablets and data lines for them free!!!  My faith in T-Mobile was restored and I was relieved that there are still companies who take care of their customers….


    Until I got my next bill… I got refunded for the current month only and that was it. Well I waited another month, and another when I called again into T-Mobile to find out what is going on – only to find out that I am being billed regular price for 2 data lines, and they make only my tablets free – as long as I keep the data lines active. So I cancelled both lines again – but because I called in on billing cut-off date they will cancel it next month. So overall 2 free data lines and two free tablets currently cost me $900.00.


    This is the worst experience I ever had with any company I dealt so far, I am feeling used and deceived. I don’t really know what to do next, and which steps to take….

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      • barcodeable

        I had a similar issue How long does it take for T-Mobile specialist to respond to a twitter message? I contacted T-Force "I was told they were specialists with T-Mobile and they could resolve my issue of getting the "FREE LINES" I signed up for. They eventually fixed the issue after I talked to i believe the 3rd T-Force Rep. I talked to several customer service reps prior to that with no success. So after reading your post, I know exactly how you felt. At first I was skeptical at obtaining something that sounded too good to be true, but after reading through all of the documentation concerning the free lines I took a chance. And the same as you, they looked into my account and said that my free lines will not be free because i did not activate the lines within the promotional time frame. When i read that from "T-Force" my heart dropped, i thought seriously I was going to have a nervous breakdown because I was being charged $80 extra for lines I was told would be free for several months. I didn't make any changes despite what they told me, I just talked to the next rep, then to the next rep, and finally a manager noticed that I did phone in to get the free lines within the promotional period and it was their fault for a delayed line activation due to their low stock of sim cards.


        I think when you removed those free lines it complicated your dilemma even more. In my case, T-mobile did right by me to fix my issue... I was refunded back i believe 3 months of over payment and my faith in T-Mobile was restored. I would suggest to contact T-Force and let them know what had happened, but let them know what you would like to happen. If you want those two free lines restored tell them that, they may be able to get your account restored back to how it should of been. Hopefully they won't say due to you removing those free lines they will not be able to restore them back (because that is one of their guidelines). This sounds like a big catastrophe, i have my fingers crossed it can be resolved.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Oh goodness, msonig9578, I don't blame you for the disappointment. It sounds like not only have you been through a ton, but at every turn you're putting out a ton of effort to try to get to the bottom of this and it seems like we're not living up to our promises (and in the cancellation situation, doing more harm than good). We absolutely want to make this right for you -- especially after the last conversation you mentioned, it sounds like a clear-cut promise was made. Was this an outbound call you received to check on your experience? If so, this resolution offer should be clearly noted in your account. While we don't have the ability to look into the account from this public forum, I'd love to recommend having our T-Force team take a peek. Through Twitter or Facebook our online teams do have a secure account verification method, so we can get these notes and figure out where the disconnect is between what we offered and what's happened thus far. If you visit the T-Mobile Facebook page and click the Message button, or send a DM to @tmobilehelp on Twitter, once we've verified your account you can copy and paste the situation you've so perfectly outlined here, so you don't have to exert the effort of explaining again. Another benefit to working with T-Force is message continuity -- as previous messages stay in the thread even if the representative working with you changes, we should be able to go back and reread the previous interactions to get up to speed, again so that we don't have to take any more of your time explaining than necessary. Please keep us posted on the outcome, I sincerely hope we're able to turn this situation around quickly for you. Thank you for taking the time to reach out here!


          - Marissa

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          • msonig9578

            Well I am here to deliver the good news and give credit where it belongs too. I have contacted T-Mobile reps via twitter - had to create an account specifically for that - and after several conversations with several associates I got assigned to Sidney Norton. She looked into the problem, and resolved it. All the money I paid extra was credited back to me, and the promotions I got are on my account as they were intended to be. T-Mobile does take care of their customers! Thank you very much  Sidney Norton for taking care of it and Marissa for advising me to go to T-Force. I am a happy customer because of your work. Thanks

              • nelfar212

                What I've learned after 10+ with TMO sometimes being patient will pay off, yes, we expect our issues to resolved quickly, Sometimes things happen however, TMO customer service is generally top notch, vs. AT&T and Sprint. T-mo will fix almost any issue that's with in reason. I talked with a guy who dropped his phone, then tried to claim a hardware malfunction as a result of a manufacturing defect, then went on a tirade about how TMO sucked because he got charged for the phone, I'm like lets get real ya dropped you phone tried to pull a fast one, and got busted. It suck people like him and other fraudsters is why the reps have had their authority scaled back in the call centers.

              • jefe38

                i am having the same issue right now. I went to the store and the guy was offering two free tablets with no extra charge as long as I did not cancel the service with t-mobie. I’ve been paying the two extra lines for more than a year because the”offer” had expired when I got the tables. How can people lie to customers like that?  They told me I was going to get a refund after the third cycling bill and I am still paying for those “free” table after a year.