unlocked Galaxy S7 receives data, no phone ... a spreading scourge


    I have an unlocked Galaxy S7, started use in May.  The phone stopped receiving voice/phone calls on Sat 8/26, though it still receives text/data.  I am in the Seattle region.  Looking at other coverage issues discussions that are similar brought forward the possibility that this is a "compatibility issue".  Someone said it happened to their S6 and maybe their neighbor's S7 in NYC.


    Apparently, T-Mobile repurposed their 1900 MHz spectrum in New York City from UMTS (a.k.a. "4G", WCDMA) to LTE. The discussion said it may also apply to Denver markets.  Well, it looks like they are doing the same thing in Seattle.

    This is not the fault of my phone and this should not be happening to a T-Mobile paying customer -- they are wiping out options that I was sold to accept as my available service when I switched off my old phone in May and bought the T-Mobile service at Costco.  It appears that more and more people are experiencing the same thing. 


    I also heard about a network change from someone in the T-Mobile store in our lower Queen Anne store in Seattle.  So, that adds to the liklihood that this is an internal spectrum change that pulls out the rug from beneath me.


    I am okay with patch fixes, but not for buying a new phone when my service provider pulls the rug out from beneath me.  I have done nothing wrong and my phone is in fine shape.  If I can work to revive a robust band that has the same broad coverage found in other T-Mobile service, fine.  I understand that some places may still have a thin GSM service running on the 1900 MHz LTE signal or the 2, 4, or 12 LTE bands that T-Mobile uses.


    Does anyone have a solution?  Is "reflashing" my phone with the T-Mobile firmware an option?

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