Has Anyone Else Gotten Erroneous Information from CSR's On T-Mobile Plans?


    I've been a T-Mobile customer for over 20 years by their records, but actually been with them longer since I was an Aerial customer prior to T-Mobile purchasing it.  I've only called Customer Service a few times.


    Recently, I was taking a trip to Canada and since my existing plan was the Simple Choice family plan I wanted to verify that nothing had changed and that I still hand unlimited data, text, and talk in Canada.  Unfortunately, even though I called during normal U.S. business hours, I got a CSR in the Phillipines.  The CSR answered my questions and proceeded to tell me about the T-Mobile One Unlimited 55 Plan for which I qualify.  The CSR told me that I could have the same 3 line I currently have on the T-Mobile One Unlimited 55 Plan with the first 2 lines costing $70 ($60 with AutoPay), $10 each for the insurance on 2 phones, and $10 for the 3rd line (and $10 for each additional line) for a total of $100 ($90 with AutoPay).  This sounded unbelievable to me in that it was about $60 less than I had been paying under my old plan which had the same unlimited talk and text, but only 10GB of data per line.


    I recapped what I had been told and the CSR said yes that was correct so I agreed to switch to the T-Mobile One Unlimited 55 to take effect when my new billing cycle started.  The CSR said I should reboot all my devices on the first day of the new cycle.  I was so impressed with this new plan that I contacted several friends and explained what I had been told.


    When I returned form my trip I remembered to reboot and decided to check my online account.  Instead of being on the T-Mobile Unlimited 55 Plan I had been placed on the T-Mobile One Plan and my cost had gone up by about $20 per month.  Needless to say I was very upset and called Customer Support again during normal U.S. business hours and again getting the call center in the Phillipines.  I tried to explain my issue, but was told tat I could not be placed on the T-Mobile One Unlimited 55 Plan because that plan could only have 2 lines on it and I had 3 lines.  Apparently the CSR had attempted to put me on it, but the system would not allow it with 3 lines.


    I was so upset I asked to speak with someone in the U.S., but got nowhere with that.  I was finally transferred to someone in Customary Loyalty (still in the Phillipines) and was given a whopping $20 credit for the hour or so I had just spent finding out what had happened and trying to get back on my Simple Choice Plan, which I was told is impossible.  Why wouldn't their system leave me on my old plan If I couldn't be switched to the one I agreed to.  Why wasn't I contacted that there was an issue with switching to the plan I had agreed to.  I had to be surprised when I checked for myself.  Also the original CSR with whom I spoke did not document our call very well.  I finally had to drop the 3rd line that I had provided to my 88 year old mother-in-law in order to have a reasonable monthly charge.


    I am fed up with dealing with the Phillipines call center.  Apparently, they are poorly trained in the T-Mobile product line, or they will say anything to move customers to more current plans.  After over 20 years of loyalty I would expect better treatment than I have received.  T-Mobile better make it easier for nme to contact as U.S. based call center for them to continue to receive my loyalty.  I won't be praising them to friends and family again any time soon.


    Has anyone else experienced getting wrong informstion from CSR's?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        This is just a really sad story jmitch1119. It stings a bit more for me knowing that you've been so loyal for that long.  My apologies for the mix-up, but I'd like to if we can help get this corrected. I sent you a private message you can get to by going to your inbox. I'd like to get a few more details about the calls you made to our care folks. As for your plan, can you do me a favor? If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, can you reach out to our T-Force team via the links on our Contact Us page. I'm sure they can take a look at your plan and see if there are some other options that can help you out. This whole thing is just a bummer but I'm glad you came here and told us your story. Please keep me posted. I wanna try every outlet I can to get you some help. Thank you.