Is this the worst customer service experience? or what?!?!


    I ordered a BYOD SIM card on Thursday 8/24 and was excited to get the card and enjoy what I anticipated to be great coverage/service.  I chose the "free shipping" option because frankly, paying $25 for the SIM Card and another $3.50 for tax seemed excessive, without the $15 expedited shipping charge.  To save the $15, I was willing to wait 5 business days (which I assume since we are talking about shipping/delivery - Saturday is included).  I received my email confirming the card shipped on 8/24, and assumed I'd be receiving early the week of 8/28 (given Fri 8/28 and Sat 8/29).  Weird thing is, I couldn't see the shipping status on the tracking number provided until this a.m. (Tues 8/29).  To my shock and amazement, the SIM card order didn't arrive at the shipper (in KY) until Mon 8/28!!!!  Two days lost!!!  When I called customer service to discuss, the agent was apologetic, but unable to do ANYTHING for me, stated that the package wouldn't arrive until Sat 9/2 (a full 8 business days after order - not counting order day)!!!  To make matters worse, she blamed the anticipated delay on the USPS!!!  This package hasn't even made it's way to USPS, it's still with UPS.  She failed to take any responsibility on behalf of her company for taking 2 full business days (at least) to get the package to the shipper and couldn't even look up the assigned phone number (so I could finally log in to Tmobile and use customer service functionality to reach someone).


    This is my FIRST experience with the newly rebranded TMobile (as the "UN carrier)....simply freaking awful!!!  It's more like "UN caring"!

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