Has TMOBILE ever gave you any deal for being a loyal customer over 12yrs. Or did they offer you an older or lesser phone.


    I been with Tmobile over 12 years and there is no customer loyalty regardless of what tmobile says. We recently tried to upgrade or get a deal on similar phones to what we using.  We got the loyal customer BS and then they offered us the Note 8 for over 30 per month, the same offer as buying the phone as a new customer. They also offered us a note 5 to  replace my note 4 which are both over 2 years old and worth nothing. they also offered ne 55 dollars for my Note 4 tradein for which they would sell to another sucker for more than triple that price. Tmobile cares only about the money you spend, no such thing as customer loyalty or there is and you won't get anything for 12 yrs. Should've switched years ago.


    Go to another provider with a better deal and a similar contract

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