Named ID app cost per month after trial?


    What is the Named ID app cost per month after trial?

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      • Name ID is $4 a month according to what I see in Manage Services under Other in My T-Mobile. Used to be voice to text and Name ID was $5 together. Seems maybe that is split up now. It's also part of the $10 add on in One Plus.


        Name ID uses Hiya, which is available for free in the App Store and Google Play store And also can block calls and scam/spoof calls. Just like tmobiles scam ID and scam block. Name ID integrates into Android dialer and call screens. Name ID does not work with iPhone. But the Hiya app does.


        Basically you pay $4 a month to have a free app integrated into you Android call screens. I would opt for the ONE Plus plan for $10 with extras rather than $4 for one feature.