Cannot get a hold of rebate department


    I recently switched to t mobile and was assured they would cover my fees to switch over. Its been over 8 weeks and have not heard anything regarding one of my reimbursement submissions. I requested a call back but never received one. I've tried calling all numbers listed on the t mobile website but all representatives keep sending me to the same rebate department. I've been placed on hold several times for over 30 minutes each time and still no response. I switched from sprint to t mobile thinking they were going to be better, looks like they are worse! Any one have a similar experience? Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks!

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      • tmo_marissa

        Hey, magenta2498130! Sorry to read about this wait, especially with all of the effort you've put into getting to the bottom of this! We've recently made some significant strides when it comes to the Carrier Freedom reimbursement timelines, and this doesn't sound quite right. We definitely want to see this taken care of for you. I'm going to shoot a PM your way in a few moments -- please take a peek at your inbox when you have a chance! Thank you.


        - Marissa

        • magenta2544257

          Same  experience. I switched from Verizon - never received rebate.  Spoke to rebate department a few times, resent info a few times.  Was assured rebate would be received in 4-8 weeks.  Submitted in June.  It's September.  Status checker still says received. If they ask me for the same stupid info one more time I'll warn anyone the switch isn't worth it. What I would save monthly is just being eaten up by what I paid to break my other contract.