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Giving up on DIGITS for now


    I've hit my bug threshold for now, and I'm giving up on DIGITS. Hopefully there is a version 2 coming, and I can try it again later.


    I ported my Google Voice number over to T-Mobile and had high hopes of using it to get calls and SMS messages on my computer and tablet in addition to my phone as I had with Google Voice, but DIGITS isn't ready for prime time.


    I initially had problems with the native DIGITS integration on my LG G5 after I first starting using DIGITS. Once DIGITS was enabled, my phone always prompted me for the outgoing line to use when making hands-free calls (OK, Google). Even after I worked with Support to do everything possible to disable DIGITS and remove the other lines from the phone so that there was only one line to choose from, I still had to select the line by interacting with the screen. It made it so that I really couldn't place outgoing calls with Android Auto.


    I replaced my G5 with a G6 to get away from DIGITS integration. That resolved the hands-free calling problem, but I suspect some configuration settings on my line are still fouled up from the effort made to disable DIGITS. Now SMS handling is too flakey to be useful. Sometimes incoming messages go to my phone, and sometimes they go to the DIGITS client on my computer. There is no real pattern. It is impossible to carry on a conversation, because sometimes the response goes to a different device than the one I sent my message from.


    I had too many support calls to count and an engineering ticket open for awhile to resolve the first issue that I eventually gave up on and replaced the phone. I've made several calls on the second issue and have another engineering ticket open on it. At this point, I have put a stop to the frustration by uninstalling the DIGITS client and walking away from it for awhile.


    Great try, T-Mobile. I hope you are still working on it.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Giving up on DIGITS for now

        Oh man this is a sad story gkg919. I know our engineering folks are still looking to make improvements on the DIGITS experience. We appreciate you coming here to let us know what's going on. The engineering tickets sent up is the right thing to do to help get things resolved. I know you've mentioned that you've disabled the feature, but have you heard back from tickets you filed? If so, what were you told?

          • gkg919

            Re: Giving up on DIGITS for now

            I was told that I would be contacted about the first ticket, but I never

            was. I called back the next week and was told that I hadn't been contacted

            again because there was no news on the ticket and that it was still open. I

            was never promised a follow up on the most recent ticket. I was just told

            to try again in 72 hours. Of course I did, and nothing had changed. I did

            find an app called MightyText that is providing the ability to text from my

            laptop or tablet, so I'm going to use that for now. Maybe I'll give DIGITS

            another try sometime in the future.

              • tmo_mike_c

                Re: Giving up on DIGITS for now

                Okay. I'm glad you contacted our team about the ticket. Sorry to hear it hasn't been resolved but since it's still open, it's still being worked on. At this point, you've done everything you need to do. We'll need to have our engineers continue to work on this for you. I'd continue to have that ticket checked on for updates. Sometimes engineers may ask for more information too and our care folks can get it updated for you. We wanna get this working for you so thank you for your patience this whole time.

            • magenta1699973

              Re: Giving up on DIGITS for now

              Not only does Digits for me not work, it's starting to affect my relationship due to the lack of me getting their texts for hours, and me sending texts responding to theirs and then it utilizes my business line I stead of my virtual Digits line they texted.  I can call from my digits line, I just can't text...