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My T-Mobile for Business Account - AWFUL!


    Hey all. We love our @Work T-Mobile plan and features. Our company has saved SO MUCH MONEY since switching from AT&T, but the My T-Mobile experience is pathetic. Like embarrasingly bad.


    According to this page you can "Update your company’s plan, service, or devices with just a few clicks. Add a new line(s), upgrade devices, or even add new devices like tablets for you and your employees". You can't. Not even close.


    I have a horrible old teal and magenta My T-Mobile site which every CS agent tells me is wrong and I should not be seeing, but I do...and nobody appears to be able to resolve this.


    Here's what it looks like:


    Screenshot 2017-08-30 11.01.48.png


    I have limited account visibility and cannot perform even the most simplest of updates, like adding a first and last name to any of our lines or updating their E911 location. In fact, I can't even see the other lines on the account.


    Can anyone help?

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      • tidbits

        Re: My T-Mobile for Business Account - AWFUL!

        That looks like the old webpage?  When was the last time you try logging in without using the bookmark? 

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey, magenta102! So firstly, thanks for the positives -- it's awesome to read that your company is getting great value out of our service.<3
          I know that the MyTMO view on a business account isn't the same as an individual account, but it's been a considerable amount of time since I've worked in a role where I had account access. This looks familiar to me for a business subscriber, but I'm not sure if that's because it's 100% accurate, or if that's because I just stored a mental image of it somewhere in a dustbin in the supply closet at the back of my brain. Can I ask, when we were advising that this isn't the correct view, were you working with our Customer Care, or Business Care team? The Business Care team should be pretty familiar with what it the web interface for business subscribers looks like; and if this isn't correct, then a trouble ticket needs to be filed!
          I also know that permissions levels are different on business accounts. Instead of a Primary Account Holder, you set something called "Master Privileges", and then you can also elect for various users to be able to view (but not change) certain aspects, as well as not view and not change anything. Are you the owner of this business account? If so, it sounds like we may not have you set up with the correct permissions!


          - Marissa

          • magenta102

            Re: My T-Mobile for Business Account - AWFUL!

            Hey tmo_marissa! Every single Business Care agent I've spoken to (after they've then signed in to MyTMO as me), has resulted in the same response: "Oh. Wow. I have no idea why you're seeing that really old site. You're right. You can't even see or manage your users. Wow."..or words to that effect. In fact, even just yesterday, an agent indicated that when a business account hits 25 users they've heard of times when the site reverts and then needs reset somehow. Additionally, another agent signed in as me and saw the new version (while I saw the old one), so it's definitely broken. I have a support ticket open at this time, but, as it won't be the first one I've had open, I'm not holding my breath for a resolution!

            To answer your other question, I'm the master and I can confirm that my privileges are the highest available.



            It's incredibly frustrating and really not acceptable. A business needs as much control as possible over its users. That's the one thing we had with AT&T which was stellar - full visibility, control and feature management over all company users.

            Hoping you have a magic wand you can wave!