Note 7 Loaner phone became my permanent phone. :(


    So months ago when I got the note 7 it was taken due to the recall. They gave me a loaner phone which I was ok with.

    "It was untill the note 7 came back out, well at least that what i was told" A few months later no note 7 comes out. But I hear of the note 8.

    I get excited and call t mobile to reserve my note 8. Then they hit me with the you can not get this phone unless you upgrade or buy.

    I was never told that the loaner phone was only good for 3 months and that if the note 7 didn't come out in 3 months that this loaner phone that i didn't even

    get to pick would now be my phone. If i want to upgrade to the note 8 I will have to upgrade costing me a upgrade fee, On top of a activation fee. All while giving them the phone that there only going to give me 300 for. So it all comes down to me pretty much paying them to take this phone and give me the phone that i was told i had a loaner phone for. **I know its a note 8 and not a note 7** I just feel scammed and cheated. I'm going through all my documentation now to make sure i didn't miss any thing. If i did i will post that. I'm not asking for much just asking that your company and your stores need to be all on the same page. I was always told A and B from the store but when I call i'm always told C.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Wow jclaud215 , this is really odd. I wanna help sort this out, but let me make sure I'm on the same page. Did you purchase the Note7 a few months? The reason ask is because our recall page mentions that you should have been able to return it. Were you told by someone over the phone that you couldn't buy Note8? Did you ever touch base with  the store that gave you the loaner and talked to them about this? Please keep us posted. Thanks.

        • tmo_marissa

          Hey, jclaud215. I just wanted to check in here and see if you'd been able to get some clarification on what's happening here. I know that during the Note 7 recall there was a point where we provided loaner equipment while customers were waiting for replacements, but then there was an additional recall of the replacements and the manufacturer determined not to re-release. At that point we sent out notifications to let customers know that their temporary phone would be their permanent phone unless they wanted to return that and get something else. It sounds like you must have participated in the recall early, and not received the follow-up messaging. If that's the case, I'm so sorry. The roller coaster of the Note 7 recall was a tricky (and new) experience for everyone, and I can't imagine what a weird year it's been to have thought you were using a "temporary" device, only to then learn that in fact this *is* your device. We appreciate your feedback on how this played out, and definitely if this kind of situation happens again (though I hope that's not the case!) we've got some more experience under our belt to better prepare customers at the forefront for what they may be looking at later down the line. Thank you for taking the time to outline your experience here.


          - Marissa