DIGITS & iPhone SAFE driving functionality with Apple CarPlay & various other issues


    Hi Everyone,


    I am a computer software consultant and I am VERY familiar with the concept of bugs, break fixes, QA testing & BETA releases. It's my understanding that DIGITS is now GENERAL RELEASE which in my mind that should mean that it's deemed "Stable", however I think we've all seen it's far from that!


    I'm ready to wave the white flag and go back to a normal life without DIGITS where things JUST WORKED the way Apple intended them, here's several of my reasons why:


    1. iPhone APP BUGS:
      • Every time I re-open a conversation the app act like it's re-loading historical conversations and flips around a bunch making it impossible to read the latest message in a timely fashion.
      • The app randomly and frequently (although less frequent with the latest update) takes my lines "INACTIVE" which requires force closing the app and restarting it.
      • The Digits interface / functionality with auto-correct & predictive text is very poor.
      • NO photos will send when the device is connected to WIFI.
      • Compressed / Optimized photos stored in iCloud but accessible thru the iOS Photos app still do not send, you must use the native messages app.
      • When double clicking on the home button (fast app switching) the app will sometimes lock up and force close. This has improved in the latest release but is still a problem.
      • Notifications are very inconsistent, sometimes they come in with a sound, sometimes one notification triggers 3 sounds but when you look at the notification screen nothing shows. Sometimes you open the app and it looks like the message has already been read.
      • Phone calls don't ring consistently on the iPhone (they seem to ring well on the computer (mac & windows).
      • Contacts are duplicating randomly between my device and the digits cloud, some contacts have disappeared.
    2. Apple iPhone integration:
      • The watch app shows the notification but that's all you get! This is less than 1/2 of the functionality of the native iOS Messages app.
      • Apple Carplay is a TOTAL failure there is literally ZERO integration!
    3. Safety Issues while driving.
      • Apple Carplay Features lost:
        • Siri reads your text messages aloud
        • Siri offers to reply to the messages using your voice.
        • Send a text message or place a call by pressing the siri button in your vehicle.
        • Notifications on the screen in your vehicle including TEXT and CALLS
        • With carplay features you NEVER need to touch your phone or take your eyes off the road, EVERYTHING you need to do can be done with your voice and done well.
      • Having to pick up your phone while in the vehicle is not only illegal in many counties and states it's extremely dangerous.



    4.     Here's the ASK:

    • In lieu of these issues I would like to return to using my standard iPhone functionality and apps until a later date when the DIGITS app becomes more stable.
      • I still own two iPhones, I would like to move my digits number to it's own SIM and go back to using 2 devices (sadly)
      • I would like to remain with T-Mobile but I don't want to have to pay additional monthly charges for having 2 handsets when I had a much better deal with AT&T. I came to T-Mobile because I was impressed by the features offered by DIGITS and my corporate discount with AT&T would save me money.


    Please advise, direct message me or email me EDIT: Tmo_Chris - Removed email for personal information.


    Thank You!



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      • tmo_chris

        Hey marksatx23,


        Thank you so much for taking the time to compile this list of bugs that you have been seeing. I have been supporting the DIGITS beta since the launch and I can confirm that the issues you are seeing are issues that have impacted several other users. I have reported many of these issues up to the DIGITS engineers individually in the past as well as some additional issue that have been resolved in recent updates. As I am sure you have noticed, we push out updates with bug fixes rather frequently but I understand that having to endure specific bugs for any amount of time can wear on your patience.


        I have sent your thread up to the DIGITS engineering team to see if we can get some additional light shed on these bugs and where we are at with fixes for said issues. I am also looking into what options are available for converting a DIGITS line back to a voice line and will follow up with you here as soon as I have additional information.