Date problems with my unlocked Samsung S7 Edge from AT&T


    Signed up for T-Mobile and brought my unlocked Galaxy S7 edges with me from AT&T. Phones worked great for a week, them all of a sudden, I was unable to access anything via internet (could still make and receive phone calls). T-Mobile store personnel and phone technical support had me jump through all the hoops and weren't able to resolve it. Googled the issue and found it was a known problem, they believe something to do with a refresh that AT&T sends out periodically. There is a "Rube Goldberg Style" workaround; turning on Airplane mode, waiting a few seconds, then turning it back off restores functionality. But any encounter with a wi-fi network or a reset of the phone causes the issue to reemerge.


    Kinda feeling like it is either an attempt by AT&T to mess with those that left the fold or an attempt by T-Mobile to sell me a new phone. There has to be a more permanent fix, doesn't there?

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