Forced to enter additional digits after dialing an international call

    Recently we added the Unlimited Stateside International calling plan to all of our business lines. Then, starting last week whenever we make an international call we get a recording that says "to complete your call please dial XX" where XX is some random two digit number.  I looked this up and found on this page: Make an international call which says, "

    Things you should know

    When calling some countries, you may hear an automated message prompting you to enter a random digit between 0 and 9 in order to complete the call. T-Mobile added this extra step to help prevent fraud, and it's only needed when calling certain international locations."


    Of course we were not advised of this when we added the Stateside International Calling feature and to make matters worse it's not just to "certain international locations"- its on EVERY international call.


    Over 90% of our international calls are to the UK and the UK is hardly a high fraud calling destination


    This is causing a lot of distress for our users. And TMobile should take the same approach other carriers take- use surveillance software to detect fraud and unusual calling patters and put the recording on those accounts and not just on every international call from every phone.


    We need to get this removed ASAP from all of our lines or at the minimum for calls to the UK ad EU. These are not high fraud destinations.





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