jump with cracked screen?




    I have a galaxy s7 and finally note 8 came out today.

    I want to change it to note 8 with my jump but I have a question regarding my cracked screen.

    So... I dropped my phone couple months ago and it cracked @ top left corner.

    What should I do to jump?

    I've never been to any phone fix store so not sure how it works. If I fix my screen there, tmobile accept it w/o any problem?

    or should I go to tmobile store and err do they fix the phone screen too???

    I heard it will cost like 175~250? when you have a cracked screen when jump, if I go to local phone fix store, is it cheaper there?

    I'm attaching some pictures of my screen as well.

    Thank you so much for help!


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      • tidbits

        Re: jump with cracked screen?

        If you are on Jump it's a $175 deductible.  If you are on Jump on Demand it's $250.


        If you go to a shop if they don't use authentic parts there may be a chance that Assurant may have T-Mobile charge you the deductible iirc.  It generally should always be cheaper to repair than to have insurance replace unless the damage is basically catastrophic.

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        • artart

          Re: jump with cracked screen?

          Hi spoon80


          If you use the Jump on Demand plan, you are leasing the phone. T-mobile owns the phone. Repairing the phone yourself is not an option.  You basically have two choices.


          #1 Return the phone as is and T-Mo will assess any and all damage, and charge you for repairs. In that case you will be paying off the lease before you can return the phone to T-Mobile, and then be billed for the damage.


          #2 You can pay off the lease, and then pay an additional lump sum to exercise your "end of the lease" purchase option. You would then own the phone and wouldn't have to pay to repair it at all.  It is possible that you could own the phone for less than you will be charged to repair it. The crack doesn't look so bad. I myself could live with that. Great back up phone. Install digits on the phone and use it anywhere there is wi-fi. Going somewhere where your phone is at risk of being damaged, switch the sim card, and carry the phone that is already cracked.  


          Either way you can then get the note 8 using the Jump plan, which would then give you the option to purchase or turn it in at then end of that lease.



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          • orodrig23

            Re: jump with cracked screen?

            On traditional JUMP (EIP) you can upgrade by paying $175 deductible + down payment + taxes of FRP of new device.


            On JUMP On Demand! (lease) you can upgrade by paying $250 + down payment + taxes of down payment of new device.


            If you are a lease customer you should find out if you have PHP/PDP which will allow you to replace the device for $175 instead of $250.

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