Incredibly Confusing Bill..First 2 lines lumped together???


    So we signed up for a plan in July with 2 users. First bill showed as $80 ($110-$10 autopay-$20kickback).  Already, I thought this was odd, because I thought kickback is a discount earned after a month of low data usage, so how could we have earned it for a month we hadn't used yet?


    Anyway, towards the end of the 1st billing cycle, we added 2 more lines.  Now the 2nd bill came in.  Viewing the detailed bill, I can see usage details for all the lines, except the 2nd of the two original lines.  I called TMobile Customer Service, and was told this is normal, and there is nothing to do about it, that on all T-Mobile plans, the first two lines do not show separately on the bill.  This seems very strange and very annoying...what's the deal?


    Furthermore, the bill shows up as a 2-line plan, with two additional this normal? Shouldn't it show up as a 4-line plan for $160?  Again very confusing.


    Finally, the two new lines show a kickback discount on the 2nd bill (their first bill), again even before any real usage. What is the deal with kickback, how is the discount actually calculated/applied?


    At this point, I am expecting a $160 monthly bill with $10 discounts for each line that doesn't go over 2GB.  If this isn't the case on our next, 3rd bill, T-Mo is going to be in trouble.  One major reason we left Verizon was their lack of transparency and poor service communication.  I'm hoping that's not the case here too, now that T-Mo is no longer the underdog of the wireless market.

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