Lost Phone, No Insurance


    I lost my phone and have been using a back up phone,Apparently no insurance was added at time of the upgrade which I understand is my fault for not checking.My question is the lost phone is  being financed, do you recommend I just pay off the device and upgrade again so there will be no conflict with the lost device.

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        You'll have to pay the phone off eventually so depending on how much you have left to pay you might go ahead and pay it off now and move on.  Just make sure that the phone has been reported lost that way it can be blacklisted and no one else can use it. Upgrade whenever you'd like if you'd like something newer than your back up phone.

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        • orodrig23

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          It is not a requirement that you pay off your lost phone completely in order to upgrade. You can finish paying the phone off in installments if you'd like. But just keep in mind this will mean you will pay for two devices on your bill. And this may cause your account to require a higher down payment  a new device if your balance on the lost device is high. Other than that you are good to go my friend. Sorry to hear about your lost device.

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          • tmo_marissa

            Re: Lost Phone, No Insurance

            Hi, wtootle228! I'm also bummed to hear about the lost device. These kind folks are both correct; you can have two active Equipment Installment Plans simultaneously, but there is a set credit limit per line, and it can vary based on the account. By keeping the lost device's balance on the account in installments, you may encounter a down payment getting another phone on an installment plan even if you're well qualified. That said, if the balance remaining is pretty low and your available credit is high, you might not! Please let me know if you have any other questions. I hope that there was a recent back-up or sync done and that you can get most of your info back on your back-up or a new phone just by logging in with a Google or Apple ID!


            - Marissa