Roaming on burning man festival?


    Hey, yesterday I bought a SIM card from T-Mobile to use it on burning man festival.

    The guy in the store said to me that network will work, as i need to communicate with other team members in Germany.

    But I'm on the playa right now and it's only roaming available from 'usa commnet'.

    And I read in my plan that I only got 100mb via roaming.

    I already talked to the T-Mobile support and they ensured me that I can use my 10gb data, but on the website it says that I already used 40mb of my domestic data :/?

    So, I'm really confused, I really need the GB and not just 100mb.

    Can you clear it up for me?

    I paid like 50$ for just two weeks that I need it for.


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      • tmo_lauren

        Re: Roaming on burning man festival?

        I don't have the best of news, but it looks like Black Rock Desert is primarily partner coverage or no coverage at all.


        Can you confirm the plan that you are currently using? There is a good chance that you will have a roaming limit. Bt we will try and help confirm that and determine the best options!



        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Roaming on burning man festival?

          Looking at various coverage sources, Commnet appears to be the only company that provides any native service at that remote location. It seems to be only 3G, at that. You could get a prepaid SIM from their retail brand, Choice WIreless. They start at $20 with about $10 extra for every 3 GB of data. There's a dealer in Winnemucca, NV, and another in Lovelock.  AT&T Prepaid's coverage map is blank at this location. So, it looks like AT&T prepaid would have given you no service at all. 


          The US actually has a number of smaller, independent, carriers that serve remote areas. Having very few customers, they survive on government subsidies and roaming fees. Commnet is one of these. Few of these companies have any international roaming partners.

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