Nexus 5X Update


    I woke up today with a system update but it was just a security patch. I thought they were rolling out Oreo

    faster than the did nougat last year.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Nexus 5X Update

        There's a post on Howard Forums saying that Oreo has a Bluetooth bug.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Nexus 5X Update

          gramps28, I totally thought I was getting Oreo too when I saw it. That's some sad news about the Bluetooth though. I use mine often enough that it would be a bummer for me if it didn't work.


            Re: Nexus 5X Update

            re:  Nexus 5X and Oreo update

            I just got off the TMo customer chat and the tech informed me that:  I didn't purchase the Nexus 5X from T Mobile that they just might NOT push down the Oreo update to my device since they didn't sell it -- just referenced me to a non T website -- DIY !

            Customer service???  Doesn't sound like it to me!


              • tidbits

                Re: Nexus 5X Update

                T-Mobile never sold the 5X.  So they have no control on what happens and updates.  I don't see why you would think T-Mobile would have to push an update for something that doesn't belong to them.  That's like expecting Asus to update you Macbook Pro because it is connected to their Router.


                Google is pushing out the update.  It's called a staggered release and they never push it out all at once.  You can always update it yourself like some reps have mentioned as Google does push the factory image on their page.

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