LG G20 Double Exposure?


    I've noticed recently when I take images, using the regular camera app, I can see a secondary image in the background. I figure this could be happening because of the type of micro-SD I am using. However, I was playing a card game and I notice the double exposure. Anyone have an idea of why this could be happening?

    I've attached a screenshot of what I am seeing, but you can't see it on the image. It would be on the left hand corner by the A.



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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: LG G20 Double Exposure?

        Wow, this is a super odd issue riverflower  but we wanna help solve this mystery. When you say "double exposure" do you mean the images you take appear to be overly exposed only in the left hand corner? I'm just trying to get a better idea of what you're seeing exactly. Please let us know. Thanks!

        • tmo_amanda

          Re: LG G20 Double Exposure?

          Happy Thursday, riverflower!


          I wanted to stop by to see if you're still experiencing the double-exposure issue. If so, can you clarify if the issues is on a LG G2 or LG V20 as I can't find a LG G20. Also, have you tried removing the Micro SD card to see if this fixes the issue? Keep us posted on how everything's going.

          • tmo_marissa

            Re: LG G20 Double Exposure?

            Hi there! Just checking in to see how things are going. If you're still having trouble, we'd love a little more detail about what you're seeing and what troubleshooting you've tried so far! Thanks!


            - Marissa

            • riverflower

              Re: LG G20 Double Exposure?

              I am sorry for the late post. Life, ya know!


              Yes I am still having the same issue, let me see if I can clarify my issue. When I am on an app and move on to a another app, I can see the icon of the first APP I was using on the screen bar. Another example is, if I am playing a game, I can see the images from a previous app I was using, coming through from the back. Not sure if this explains it any better. I showed it to my Apple friend and he thinks it is build in like their phone where you can see the apps in the background.

              And to clarify it is a LG V20.


              Thanks again for all your help!