T-mobile Tuesday


    Just got hyped up because I had a T-mobile backpack in my T-mobile Tuesday inbox.


    Drove to the nearest store and was denied.  Not stores fault (probably mine). 


    Fine print says only available in Denver, Phoenix, and Philadelphia! 


    Well I am in neither of those states. 


    Pretty lame if you ask me. 


    T-mobile Tuesday people please allow user to update regional offers based off of zip code where the phone is primarily being used.


    Thank you

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      • gramps28

        Re: T-mobile Tuesday

        I went to lids.com and it wouldn't let me use the coupon code.


        It said invalid promo code so I was going to use my wife's code but it was the same.

          • jar92380

            Re: T-mobile Tuesday

            Did anyone else have the same issue?  I tried the same thing and even went to a local store and they couldnt get the code to work.

            • barcodeable

              Re: T-mobile Tuesday

              I have 7 lines.... all 7 lines all had the same T-Mobile Tuesday Lids code... I think that offer was a failure from the start. But im sure, T-Mobile reps will give their Sincere apologies and inform you about the great things that are being offered next week.


              but despite my unhappiness with some of T-mobile Tuesday offers... im happy with my T-Mobile Phone Plan. It beats all the other carriers hands down.

            • artart

              Re: T-mobile Tuesday

              Hi magenta2466327

              You make a good point.

              Unfortunately  the issue is much greater than the one you have raised.

              Many of the offers are not regional but are just as disappointing.


              When there are no Papa Johns Pizza, Shell gas stations, Dunkin Donuts, etc

              within 100 miles of any particular T-Mo Tuesday participant, there is the same level of disappointment.


              I wasted a lot of time when I first tried to locate a Shell gas station in my city. A few were listed close by in some outdated websites. They were all out of business. The closest Shell station was a half hour drive away. I choose not to spend an hour (round trip) to save $5. On the other hand I could possibly drive an our or two to visit a city that has a backpack offer. These are the choices we have.


              I have learned to not count on actually receiving any particular Tuesday freebies, until I have confirmed that it was logistically possible for me to do so.


              It would be nice if T-Mo could do what you ask. I just don't think that will ever happen.


              Thanks for bringing up the subject. It serves as a warning to others who have not yet experienced disappointments similar to ours.



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                • barcodeable

                  Re: T-mobile Tuesday

                  YOu can use the Dunkin Donuts credits online to purchase stuff via their Merchandise Website. You can’t order donuts, but you can order coffee grinds, coffee mugs, t-shirts, etc.,

                • e2k

                  Re: T-mobile Tuesday

                  TMO Tuesdays has been going downhill for a while now. It started out great - a free pizza and movie rental each week, among other things. Now there's a free/discounted movie perhaps once every 3-4 weeks. The discounted movies are now through Atom rather than Fandango (Atom handles far few theaters). I could go on... but the promotions speak for themselves.

                    • gramps28

                      Re: T-mobile Tuesday

                      I found that some of these Tmo Tuesday promos can be got through different channels.


                      My lids promo code didn't work for the MLB hat but lids was also offering the same discount for a NFL hat

                      which I rather had and bought.

                    • barcodeable

                      Re: T-mobile Tuesday

                      Just got questioned by Walgreens manager regarding me picking up 70 FREE photo prints...  he stated the promo is for 1 Free set per family.... I said "no,no,no... i have 7 phone lines... i have 7 promo codes to pick up my 7 free prints". He told me he'll allow me to do it this time. I understand the fine print in tmobile/walgreen promo states that in regards to the promo Walgreens have the right to cancel it at anytime. So I will redeem my 70 prints next time at all the Walgreens in my area.... I notice the disgust in people faces when they see me get 7 free beach towels.... or get free 7 pizzas.... or whatever the tmobile promo is times seven. I just now checked my voicemail.... this manager just left me a voicemail to contact him, he never explained why he called in the voicemail which is very unprofessional and extremely odd... he didn't even mention which walgreens he was calling from which is weird.  All this drama over Free pics????


                      T-Mobile really need to make it clear to the stores providing these promotional services/products. Usually they are unaware of what's going on and me "the customer" has to sit there for 10 minutes explaining the details of the promotio.

                        • tidbits

                          Re: T-mobile Tuesday

                          Personally I don't really care too much.


                          The only things I go after are the free rentals, gas discounts(over $3.50 a gallon some areas over $4), and subscriptions if I like the mag. 

                        • magenta3353751

                          Re: T-mobile Tuesday

                          T-Mobile Tuesdays is junk. I tried to use it and it does not give you the discount promised. it is a scam. Tried to get two $5 movie tickets and all I got was a $4.20 discount and a $1.35 charge for using Atom app.

                          • barcodeable

                            Re: T-mobile Tuesday

                            Today I was able to take advantage of the Free bowl at Panda Express x 2.

                            And the Vudu credits are always appreciated.

                            • orientexpress

                              Re: T-mobile Tuesday

                              Interesting that i stopped yesterday at my local T-Mobil store to get the QR code from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and

                              #1 - the store mgr had to call to figure out how to setup the phone

                              #2 - I got an error msg rejecting my registration and was told this is a samsung promo so need to contact samsung


                              **Does anyone have the non phone call contact info for Samsung?


                              Thanks in advance!