ETF Reimbursement Issues


    When I switched from AT&T on July 22nd, I was assured that I would not owe them the remaining balance on my phone. I was told that T-Mobile would take care of it. Well I got an email from AT&T the other day stating my balance that was due. $212 will be pulled from my account on September 6th. I was never told that I had to submit for reimbursement, I was told not to worry about that balance. I would have been fine with submitting for the ETF earlier if I would have known about it, but now it's too late and I'm going to have to pay $212 of my own money because the reimbursement won't be here in time, if it even comes. My issue is that when I check on the status of the reimbursement, it says "processing error".  I've been assured that it's in process, but I'm skeptical. Does anyone know how long it actually takes to get the money, and why it says processing error? Thanks.

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        It is up to you to make the final payment on any device or remaining balance on a contract or agreement with another carrier when switching to T-Mobile. You submit to T-Mobile the charges left open from the previous carrier and T-Mobile send you a reimbursement. T-Mobile does not pay your previous carrier.

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        • tmo_marissa

          Re: ETF Reimbursement Issues

          Hi, kierrrra13! I'm sorry to read about this ball drop -- it sounds like we definitely could have done a better job of setting the right expectation about the Carrier Freedom™ program. snn_555 is right, Carrier Freedom's designed so that we reimburse you for the costs incurred from switching, basically, you would pay your final bill and we would pay you back for the portion of it that stemmed from a contract termination fee or a device payment plan -- we don't have a way to make payments to another provider on your behalf, and if we insinuated as much then we dropped the ball.
          How long ago did you submit your final bill on the T-Mobile Carrier Freedom site? Are you using that same site (logged in to Switch2T-Mobile) to check your status, and if so are you still seeing the "processing error" message?


          - Marissa

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            • kierrrra13

              Re: ETF Reimbursement Issues

              Hi Marissa!

              I now have better knowledge on how this plan works, and I wish I would have gotten this information sooner. I'm glad everyone has been so helpful.

              I submitted my final bill on 8/22, exactly one month after I switched from AT&T. When I log in to Switch2T-Mobile, it does say "Processing Error", and has said that ever since I submitted it. At the top of the screen it says a T-Mobile agent will contact me, but no one ever did. I even tried to submit it again with a different screenshot a few hours later (first one at 10:45 AM, second one at 12:57 PM) since I did not hear from anyone, and that one also says "Processing Error". I know that it can take up to 30 days for me to receive the money, but I'm concerned about the fact that it says error.

                • tmo_marissa

                  Re: ETF Reimbursement Issues

                  Hmm, honestly, that is super strange! Did it say "processing error" when you were uploading your final AT&T bill, or only now while you're checking? I know it hasn't been a week yet, but I can understand why the error message is concerning. Internally we have a list of potential errors a customer might encounter when logging into the switch site, but they're all considerably more detailed.
                  Teams with account access have a tool they can use to check your submission and confirm that it's indeed processing. Were you working with our Care or T-Force teams, or with the Carrier Freedom team themselves?


                  - Marissa

                    • kierrrra13

                      Re: ETF Reimbursement Issues

                      When I submitted it, it loaded for a bit trying to process, and then it said there was an error processing my request. It did this both times I submitted it. I'm not sure exactly who I spoke to, but I called and spoke to someone in customer service and chatted with someone online and they both stated that it was processing. I am just not understanding why it says error. I feel like if it were really processing, it would say something different. I'll attach a screenshot of what it looks like on my end.


                        • tmo_marissa

                          Re: ETF Reimbursement Issues

                          That is definitely strange! Thanks for the screenshot! That "processing error" almost looks like a button -- is it clickable (not sure if that's a real word, haha)?
                          I'm going to shoot a PM your way to make sure we get you in touch with the Carrier Freedom team themselves. FWIW, "processing" doesn't mean approved or denied, so basically that's the status where it's being reviewed.  If our chat and Care teams, who do have access to this promo tool, advised you that they see the submission as "processing", that's good given the timeline of your submission to now. But all the same, it would be great if we could get you some additional confirmation based on what you're seeing here. Please take a peek in your inbox in a few moments! Thank you.


                          - Marissa

                    • vard007

                      Re: ETF Reimbursement Issues

                      Hello Marissa,


                      I have applied for ETF reimbursment on 5th Dec 2017. I got a text message saying it was approved and will get virtual card in 15 business days;

                      My status in was approved for one  week and suddenly it got changed to processing error


                      I need your help in understanding why it got changed to "Processing error" and also could you help me in date line of process..and what else do you need

                      I submitted all my bills at T-mobile store and store manager filled out all my forms..



                        • tmo_marissa

                          Re: ETF Reimbursement Issues

                          Hey there, vard007! It sounds like you did everything correctly! We'll need to have you contact the Carrier Freedom team to take a look on the back end at what could be the hang-up here, and potentially re-send your virtual card if that's what's necessary. When I PMed the original poster on this thread, it was to provide them with this number, because at the time we weren't sure if we had a green light to share it publicly (sometimes the contact info for small specialized teams isn't posted online because we don't want to risk overwhelming them with calls for unrelated issues). Luckily, we've since spoken with the folks on the promo team and they were totally fine with us sharing these prompts, so here goes:



                          1. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
                          2. Press 3.
                          3. Press 1.
                          4. Press 1.


                          I do want to make sure I mention that the team doesn't work on Sundays, so you'll want to wait until tomorrow to place this call. There can sometimes be a bit of a wait to get a representative on the line, but as long as you follow those prompts and hang in there for a bit, we should be able to give you all the details you need! Thank you!

                      • frankvisconti

                        Re: ETF Reimbursement Issues

                        My bill is $1200 from ATT after switching 5 line to TMobile.  I too, was told that it was taken care of at the desk while

                        our new phones were being set up and transfered.  I never received any instructions on getting money from TMobile

                        to pay ATT as I would have taken care of it immediately.  I have been dealing with this for 2 years and their "switch2tmobile'

                        program won't apply to my old issue.  I would have never switched---it was a bait and switch or at least an inexperienced

                        or sly salesman from the Eugene Coburg Road branch.  I don't know what to do and now it is showing up on my credit

                        although I never was supposed to be responsible to pay ATT for switching....  Can anyone help?