Throwing In The Towel on Digits

    For the past several days, we've been very present here giving a LOT of feedback on the problems with Digits.  No need to go all over that again.  But one area that is unacceptable is that Digits dialer simply doesn't work.


    What good is an app like Digits if THE DIALER DOESN'T WORK?


    Last week, TMobile sent me a text message notifying me that my Digits virtual line was going to be terminated for non use.  THE DIALER DOESN'T WORK and they're terminating my number because I can't use the app.


    Now you might think that's as bad as it gets.




    Today, TMobile released an app update on the Apple App Store.  They updated Digits.


    Now if you have an app that NEEDS A DIALER to work, wouldn't you think that THIS WOULD BE PRIORITY ONE TO FIX?






    Is this the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard?


    So as soon as I updated the Digits app, I tried to input a number into Digits.  I dialed ... 3 1 0  5 5 5  1 2 1 2.


    Simple enough right?


    Here's the scramble job Digits did on me trying to dial 310.555.1212 ...




    Seriously? 1055-512-213?  How do you dial 310.555.1212 and get Digits to scramble the number into 1055-512-213?


    This is it for me.  It is obvious there is a V E R Y serious problem somewhere in TMobile.  Digits is a "nice to have" but I can live without it and Google Hangouts does most of what I need anyway.  Before I just pushed Digits aside into a junk app file on my iPhone. Now I am deleting it off my iPhone altogether.


    I've tried to maintain an objective and positive approach to VERY SERIOUS PROBLEMS but it isn't paying off and this is simply a waste of time. So I am throwing in the towel on Digits.  The program is a mess.  It doesn't work and no one in senior positions at TMobile is either aware of the problems or if they are they don't care.


    Again, kudos to TMobile for being innovative.  But you should never drive your customers to the point of insanity with a product that doesn't work when you clearly have ZERO interest in taking the feedback given to you seriously.


    Signing off. Terminating Digits.  Good luck folks.