T-Mobile messed up and wants me to jump thru hoops


    I switched over from ATT, and placed the order via a phone call. I asked the rep if I was going to get new numbers, and the rep told me no, I had to keep my numbers, and I could call to get new ones at a later date. However, a few days later, I get an email that my account was active, and it gave me 3 new numbers.


    Everything has been going well. I canceled service with ATT, and have been happy with TMobile this far. So now I'm trying to get my reimbursement for my device payoff from ATT. But, they can't give it to me because the numbers didn't port in. The rep even admitted that this was a screw up on TMobiles part.


    Now, they want me to call ATT, reactivate my old plan, then call them back, port the numbers in, then request to get these numbers back, and finally, call and disconnect from ATT again. This is going to leave me without a phone for 24-48 hours, which is unacceptable. At first I agreed to this, but the more I think about it, this isn't going to work. I work on call and on the go and need my phone at all times.


    I am now stuck with $350 in equipment charges, and the best TMobile could do was this ridiculous plan, or give me a $50 bill credit. This was not my mistake, and I need TMobile to take responsibility and do the right thing by me, without making me do all the legwork.

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      • tmo_marissa

        Yikes, magenta2477603, this is such a bummer to read. It's true that to participate in Carrier Freedom™, a port-in needs to be completed, and if you asked about this program when you placed your order and we failed to set that expectation, that was definitely a misstep on our part. Unfortunately, to my knowledge, the port-in is an absolute requirement, since the port itself cancels your account with the previous carrier and is the way we establish that the "switch" took place. I know that reactivating with your previous carrier is a complication you weren't planning on, and I wish I could tell you how that process works with them -- here, we try to ensure that turning canceled lines back on within a certain time frame is pretty painless, but with a device payment plan it does have to be timed correctly for the plan to be re-opened, and I'm not sure what your previous carrier's rules are where that's concerned. If that works out, you could then port the numbers over, etc. The bright spot I see is that since porting your numbers effectively cancels your service, you wouldn't have to call them to "re-cancel". However, on the other hand, you would need to wait for an updated final bill from them that accurately showed the correct timeline in order to be able to submit on the T-Mobile Carrier Freedom site.
        I completely understand that the dual service period of porting isn't pleasant for someone who needs consistent access to their device with a reliable number, and I wish that we could predict when the timeline for the port process would take two hours vs when it will take a full twenty-four, but unfortunately the system is a little too complex for that. The potential for a day in between is just a part of the port process, regardless of where you move the numbers to/from -- it is better than it used to be when I started working in this industry, and I'm sure that as time goes on it will improve further.

        In this public user forum, we don't have the individual account access necessary to take a closer look at how this happened. When you reached out about this, were you contacting our Care team over the phone? Since you're reaching out here online, you might be interested in working with our T-Force team via social media -- through Twitter or Facebook they can take steps to verify your account and look over everything with you and see if there are any other options we can offer to try to make this right. Thank you so much for taking the time to post your experience and feedback here.


        - Marissa