Michigan Outdoors Coverage.... actually iPhone 7 shows "no service"


    I have been a long time customer of TMobile did not really have any coverage issues until the last 2 years where in I have been at Mid-Michigan to Up North UP area where the signal for CALLS/TEXT are sketchy to no service at all. I even upgraded to iPhone 7 to get T-Mobile's Extended LTE Coverage. Last year, I was at Frankfort, MI to Benzie County with friends fishing. AT&T has a signal 4 dots. Verizon has a signal 4 dots. T-Mobile... my service shows AT&T 4G?!!!! Why is that? the drive to get there shows intermittent "no service" to AT&T signal. But I have a T-Mobile iPhone 7 with T-Mobile service provider.


    Went to Mackinaw then to Mackinac Island last June with my wife, same thing. The signal switches to AT&T 4G. Also found out I am limited to 100mb of data when it is switched to AT&T 4G. I did get T-Mobile signal when we were at Scalawag's. Looks like the street where it was at, T-Mobile has a signal but only 2 dots. Atleast something huh!?! You get to Mackinac Island... forget it. I only had a signal when we were at Mission Point. The rest of the Island it was AT&T 4G. That's how I found out I only get 100 mb of data after taking a ton of pictures and tried to save it in my Facebook album. You cross Mackinaw Bridge on your way to St. Ignace, THE SAME THING! it is either AT&T 4G signal or "no service" and that was just the first exit after you pay your toll crossing the bridge.


    Yesterday, I went to Tippy Dam, Brethren, MI with several of my fishing buddies (3). The drive to get there is great! But the T-Mobile signal is poor and/or non-existant. Why? Along I-75, it has 2 dots as soon as you exit to go to US-10 close to Midland, MI the signal switched to AT&T 4G with 1 dot. That's 1 dot. From US-10 to M-115, only AT&T 4G signal for 110 miles!! And we are at M-115 then used M-55 to get to Tippy Dam, guess what happened? NO SERVICE!!!

    I can't get even a AT&T signal.


    All your coverage map shows there should be a 4G LTE Fair Signal for an Extended Coverage LTE capable Apple iPhone 7. BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE! Okay, your comparison coverage map is showing at the of 2017 year end projection I should have . What? I have to wait for the end of 2017 to get signal? and it is a projection so it may not happen at the end of 2017. This is frustrating!

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