Stolen Reward Card--WireCard useless


    I did the BOGO S8 deal and the gift card never arrived after 2 weeks. I followed up and they sent another one. Still didnt arrive after another 2 weeks so i followed up again and found out that $749 of it had been depleted over approximately 1 hour. I finally get a replacement card for $1 with REWARD CARD INSIDE plastered all over an envelope carried by USPS with no delivery tracking or signature confirmation--no wonder it got stolen especially for the amount it was in. T mobile referred me to Wirecard to file a fraud claim which was lost in email transit 3 times before I finally got it and is now going through a 2 month long 'investigation.' I can't log in to their website ( to look at my card charges to share the information with USPS investigators for stolen mail because it asks for a username/password but there is nowhere on the webpage to actually enter these things. Every person I talk to from wirecard gives me different information and is usually very rude. I tried going back to T mobile to make this right but of course they refuse to do anything....


    This is the last time i will ever utilize a promotion from T mobile of this size--enormous hassle for a new customer while the telecom giant hands it off to a fly-by-night scam mastercard reseller. Truly **** poor customer experience with T mobile 4 months in.

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      • gramps28

        Re: Stolen Reward Card--WireCard useless

        Have you tried contacting T-Force through social media?


        If not link this post.


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        • tmo_amanda

          Re: Stolen Reward Card--WireCard useless

          Hey, magenta2461495!


          Welcome to our Support Community! I'm sorry we're meeting on these terms. You're waiting on a pretty hefty rebate and from what you mentioned above, there's a lot of room for improvement starting with the packaging of your rebate. Having to wait a few months to get this handled is never an enjoyable situation when it could've been prevented to begin with. I will definitely be passing this feedback along. As far as what can be done to move this along a bit faster, it sounds like the correct steps have been taken to investigate the missing card. I wish I had better news at this point but we clearly have a few things that can be done to avoid this from happening in the future.

          • geeluva

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            Any update on your predicament? I'm currently going through the same thing and wondering how you ended up?

            • moonbang

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              Hi how are you ? How is your current status? Have you received your card yet? I have been through the same situation now!

              I have not got my Rebate card ($750), which is stolen, somebody else use the card already, the balance was only $20.71. SO they ask for me to send a fraud form . So i faxed it on August 6th. After 2 month later, whe check the status, they told me that it was not go throuth, they ask me fax them  fraud form Again!!!  So i did it again ( what can i do?) now i just checked status , it says still investgate....


              So please tell me your status ?...

              Thank you.

              • magenta3787381

                can some body post the fraud form i am waiting for mine and it has been more than 2 weeks. thanks

                • magenta4771730

                  Hello. Yeah I would like to know how to proceed. I was advised that I would be receiving a rebate card which I have not. I was told many different things by different T-Mobile rebate center representatives. Then once I spoke to a supervisor she not only informed me that I would be receiving an express shipped card in 4 business days she provided me a credit for the incorrect information that was given. I just spoke with wire card regarding the tracking number information because I was told someone is going to have to sign for the card and they informed me there is not tracking number because the card has not been shipped. Now mind you the initial arrival date for the first card was 4/19. Then we cancelled that one and was informed we would receive it by 4/27 no later than 4/28. However the card was not created until 4/25 and is expected to arrive4 by 4/30 but it has not shipped yet. I have been told they will not overnight the card and that there is nothing else anyone can do. I have been told this on both the T-mobile side and the wire card services side. At this point I am ready to cancel service through T-Mobile and request a refund and take my business to another phone carrier because this is ridiculous.