Accelerometer glitch on Samsung J3 Prime 2017 with Android 7


    I recently purchased the Samsung J3 Prime 2017 with Android 7 from Tmobile.  Noticed two things almost from the beginning where screen would periodically not rotate (restart always fixed - manually changing from auto-rotate to portrait and back would not fix) and my son's favorite game that uses the accelerometer would not work consistently.  The phone tilting would work for 30 seconds, then stop working for many minutes, then work again for a minute, then stop working, etc..  I downloaded a sensors app that shows the readouts from the sensors on your phone.  Found when my phone rotation stopped working or the game tilting wouldn't work that that the accelerometer readouts would all be stuck on all three axis.  I did a cache wipe (up volume, power button, home button) as first step to fix, but didn't work.  Feels like a glitchy software/firmware issue as restarts always fix.  Anyone else run into this and found the solution?  I'm about to embark on the unpleasant ordeal of returning the phone, get another, see if issue continues on that one, if does, go to a different model of phone.  Hoping to avoid this : )

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