How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?


    i paid off my 7 Plus last night and called customer service to have the phone unlocked. I was told I would get instructions within 24hrs. Nothing.

    so I called again today and the guy looked at the notes, then his tone changed and said there was going to be a delay because it was going to be 24hrs from now. Not sure if the first agent never pushed it through or if the delay is on Apple's end.

    im traveling abroad soon so I need my phone unlocked. Unfortunately I have read some stories on here with some claiming it took anywhere from 48hrs to a few weeks.

    Has anyone else unlocked their IPhone recently? If so how long did it take?

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      • ramoses

        Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

        Forgot to mention:

        - yes I did check junk folder

        - when I go to the page (where it says phone) where I can check the unlock status, the page errors out. I have tried on both the app, iOS browser and desktop. Not sure if it's related or just a bug

        • tmo_chris

          Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

          Hey there! It usually takes about 24 hours for Apple to unlock the phone on their side after we send the request to them, the instructions we send you just tell you how to go about unlocking the device through iTunes. Have you received the instructions yet?

          • orodrig23

            Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

            An unlock is normally complete within 2-24 hours. All you need is a non T-Mobile SIM card in order to complete the process. You may possibly also have to connect your phone to iTunes in order to complete the process as well.

            • tmo_chris

              Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

              Just checking in here to see how things are going. Did you receive your unlock instructions yet?

              • tmo_chris

                Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

                Hey there Hoping you got your phone unlocked by now. Please let us know if you still need help.

                • lemna

                  Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

                  Hi, I'm in exactly the same situation. I have been a total of 5 hours the last couple of days with Tmobile to unlock my phone. Yes, i received the email, went through the process numerous times with Tmobile. They were transferring me to different departments, and no-one knew why it wasn't still angry!

                    • tmo_chris

                      Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

                      Hey lemna,


                      Sorry to hear you are having issues getting your iPhone unlocked When we submit the request, it goes to Apple and they unlock the device. The email we send you typically arrives 24 hours after we submit the request and it contains the instructions on how to unlock the iPhone using iTunes. Sometimes, the email states that you must allow 24 hours before attempting the unlock as we want to give Apple enough time to process the unlock on their side. Have you already received the email with the unlock instructions from us? If so, how long ago did you receive the email?

                    • mad515

                      Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

                      Let me preface this by saying I am on day 3 of waiting for my phone to be unlocked. Had to get Apple involved since every time I called TMobile I got a different answer. The Apple Specialist ( which I s the top level) put me on a conference call with a TMobile “specialist”. When they give you that crap about waiting for a code or permission from Apple that is totally false. Apple told me they have nothing to do with unlocking phones. The carrier does that the minute you put in their SIM. And unlocking has t come from their end.  By the way there isn’t any “code” either. All you do is wait...and wait...and wait. You are at their mercy. I am still waiting. With the technology we have this day and age it amazes me that it takes days to do one simple thing. The phone was paid off 11/25/2017 and today is 12/21/2017. They applied it to the wrong IMEI. It took Apple on the phone to tell them to check it. Idiots and liars. I have NOTHING good to say about TMobile. Take my advice and avoid them and all their hype!

                        • magenta4189567

                          Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

                          It has been five days trying to unlock my phone from t mobile


                          I would call ask for the unlock


                          'they'd say things like''



                          don't worry you have my personal assurance its taken care of and being given a confirmation number


                          after two days of hearing that and calling back the next day to hear


                          :"theres no record of you putting in a request to unlock your phone ,


                          here ill do it now"






                          the reason I left mobile is they were charging me for two lines



                          id call up immediately when they send me a bill for a second line


                          they'd refund me the line insist it would never happen again


                          and next month boom its the re again over six months off this BS







                          you have to call them and be like hey ..... hello. ... look at my account history



                          GET OUYT OF MY LIFE AND GIVE ME MY GD PHONE

                        • the9fifty

                          Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

                          T-mobile is starting to really frustrate me, I'm in the same situation. I got the e-mail like 5 days ago and my phone is still not unlocked. We've contacted T-mobile multiple times and they tell us the same story. The phone is paid-off so please unlock my phone!!!

                          • the9fifty

                            Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

                            Yes, I'm still having this issue. I tried resetting my phone, uninstalling and re-installing itunes. Still it says SIM not supported when connected to itunes.

                            • magenta4431479

                              Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

                              Same thing is happening to me. I payed the phone and im trying to switch to verizon i found out my iohone is locked so i called them and i already got the email saying its unlocked and when i follow the steps it tells me the sim is not supoorted.

                              now i called them again and they said i have to wait for 72 hrs and  thats a shame for people that use their phone for work

                              • crownheights

                                Re: How long does it take to Unlock IPhone?

                                I'm having the same issue. I requested my iphone to be unlocked on Sunday afternoon, was told it would take 24 hrs. Or 25 hrs. It has been 72 hrs. I was told that it takes two business days. Keep checking the status but it is always "'pending." I don't know what I can do here to expedite this process, rather in shock that this is taking so long. Not sure who I can blame here, Apple, At&T (my former carrier). . . . but perhaps not shocked to learn so many other people are having the same issue. What can be done??