Other Digits I Can Manage - Missing 1 Line


    Re: Trouble Ticket# 17082078 opened August 14, 2017.


    I am unable to manage one Duplicate/Paired Digits line, because it's missing from "Other Digits I Can Manage".  Please advise.

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      • debjitjdv

        So if I understand correctly, the DUPLICATE SIM number is not listed in the "Other DIGITS I can manage" tab right? Have you made sure that the DUPLICATE Line has been activated by Customer Care? Sometimes it takes some time for the line to show up in the DIGITS portal.


        Further did you activate it in store or over customer care via phone? If via phone, then unless the SIM card is shipped, the number wont get reflected in your online DIGITS portal. Please let me know and tag me .

          • magenta2449013


            Thank you for your reply.


            I have a total of three duplicate lines (Data with Paired DIGITS).  The first I added soon after Digits was made publicly available (after beta) and the the other two I added Monday, August 14.  One duplicate line added on August 14 is missing.  Note: Missing line does appear correctly in My T-Mobile portal, but missing from Digits portal: https://mydigits.t-mobile.com/consumer


            Monday, August 14:

            SIM (in hand) of missing line added/activated by phone.  Added/activated a different duplicate line/SIM (in hand) during the same call which does appear in list and I was able to pair myself via Digits portal.  Tech support agent manually paired the missing line and opened ticket to determine why missing.


            Saturday, August 19:

            T-Force via twitter advised ticket was closed out, though issue persists.  Provided screenshot to T-Force agent showing line still missing.

              • debjitjdv



                This is one is serious. I have never seen T-Force so inactive. Can you provide the ticket numbers that you lodged with the Tech Support Agent and T-Force said closed? Did you launch or re-open the ticket once again? It looks like a classic provisioning error at the backend which keeps on happening with DIGITS. I am tagging Chris tmo_chris who can re-open / file a new ticket for this issue. This should be an easy fix.


                For Chris to file the ticket, please keep handy the following:

                1. Screenshot from your T-Mobile portal where you see the missing line (missing from DIGITS portal)
                2. Screenshot of the DIGITS portal which shows that you cannot see the line enlisted


                Do not post your screenshots here and send them to Chris when he sends you a PM.

            • magenta2449013

              debjitjdv Thank you again for all your help.


              Ticket# 17082078.  I am not sure if the ticket was reopened by T-Force.


              Once I hear from tmo_chris  I will provide the screenshots.

              • tmo_chris

                That looks like a special kind of ticket that would have been sent to our web support teams. Unfortunately, I am unable to see the status of this specific ticket as it has account specific information tied to it. Did you get a chance to let T-Force know that the issue persists? They will definitely be able to reopen the ticket.

                • magenta2449013

                  tmo_chris debjitjdv I decided to cancel the missing line and added a new paired/duplicate line on a new SIM card and now everything is working as it should.

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