T-Mobile has no email or live chat technical support anymore?


    While I am a phone user I generally prefer dealing with technical issues "in writing" rather than by voice call.  In fact, I prefer it for sales support also.


    Over the past couple of weeks I've been looking around at the various carriers to see if I wanted to switch, and I used T-Mobile's "chat" to get some information about phones and service plans.  Although I couldn't find an email address for T-Mobile support, the "chat" was at least second best.


    Why do I prefer email?  (1) no need to watch the screen for a reply in real time or to hang on the phone; I can send my questions when it's convenient and then check back when it's convenient.  I'd think that T-Mobile might like that also because they can do the same.  (2) If I forget something that was discussed I can go back to the email or chat transcript and review what was discussed.  (3) If it was a question about service plans, pricing, warranty, etc., I have a written record of what I was told and not a "he said she said" story.


    Now I no longer see even the "chat" icon on the T-Mobile support pages.


    Yes, I know that with a T-Mobile phone I can "message" support, but if I'm already a customer and am contacting them about a loss of service issue that feature is not going to help.  I need to be able to contact someone via my computer in that case.  The only option I see in this case is to sit on hold while phoning in my problem report.


    Can we please revive "chat" and add email to the "contact us" listings?


    Thank you.

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