International calling feature mess-up


    Dear Mr.Legere,



    I am T-mobile customer for about 3 years now. I was on a prepaid plan for a year and then joined your post-paid plan later. I joined T-mobile with a fear that the service won't be better than AT&T, which I was a part of for the five years prior to joining T-mobile. I like the features you introduced in the 3 years with T-mobile. Although, the service was not as good as AT&T, I thought it was not too far from the quality of theirs. The perks I got were good, so I stuck to T-mobile.



    Lately, I wanted to get an international calling feature added to my account. There was such a mess-up that I feel like the customer service people I've talked to do not either have knowledge, or they don't show basic courtesy, especially the supervisor Christina Y. I spoke to her around 5 PM Eastern time on 8/17/2017. They changed their word so many times, and there is no clarity on their end what the right information is. About 10 days ago, I called T-mobile to get the international plan. The person who spoke to me first said there is no plan at all that would give me unlimited international calling. Then, after I insisted him to double check (read talk to others) on his side, he said there is no such plan, and mentioned I would get a plan that would charge me 20 cents/minute to call internationally if I paid $15 monthly. I knew my friend is calling to his home country for $10/month. So I asked him to double check, and asked him to double check this information with his manager. He then said, after a bit of a hold, that he can add a grandfathered plan for $10/month, and I would be able to call internationally without additional charges. He said I could call mobiles and landlines. Then, after a few hours, I got a message that I would be charged $38.10 for the international calls. I thought something was not setup right, and called your help desk again. This time Lavon P, helped me by understanding the situation and said she would remove those charges from the account. Later that day, I got another message from your automated system that there were additional charges of $54.90 for the international calls. The next day, I got a message from your system again saying there were additional charges of $135.90 for the international calls. So I gave a call again to make sure the charges are removed from my account. I think Yolanda T was the lady that helped me that time. She said she will fix it so I won't be charged extra anymore, and I would be good to use the international calling feature.



    Today (8/17/2017) I got a message from your automated system saying my bill is $100. I am supposed to get $80 as my bill. $70 like in any other month, and $10 for the international calling. I wanted to get clarity on what was going on and called your help desk the fourth time regarding this international calling confusion. A lady named Jerney L, answered my call and she says (after I explained what the problem is) the people before this gave wrong information, and she can only give me an option of keeping the feature of international calling for $15/month extra. Then when I spoke to her about the frequent calls I am making about this feature. She said she would waive the extra $5 in the last billing cycle and the current billing cycle, and said I would be charged $85 per month going forward. I said I was told the plan I had is $10/month. Then she mentioned there is no such plan, and cannot give me that plan anymore. I asked her to give me a chance to speak to her supervisor.



    Christina T was the supervisor I spoke to, and she said the same thing like Jerney L, and some extra. She gave the same choice like the Jerney L did, i.e. to reduce $5 from previous month's bill, reduce $5 from this billing cycle, and offered the $15/month extra for keeping the international calling.  She talked like the previous people helped me by avoiding the charges of about $400+, by backdating the feature addition. She said this a couple of times, that I would have incurred $400+ charges. What I didn't understand is that why are you blaming me for the "$400+" charges, where it is really the customer representatives that made the mess-up by not appropriately adding the feature in the first place. It is really them that is trying to rectify what was going on, and Christina T's tone is such that I am the one to blame for. I understood that she is just talking like a machine, and not a human. I thought I will bring this to your attention. I want to see if you can really help.



    I am really OK with the way the other people spoke, but not at all OK with the way Christina T spoke. I cannot fathom how she became a supervisor when she cannot really understand a customer. If being knowledgable about the plans and feature is the only criterion, a machine can also do this task. I think she definitely needs a lot of training. I am personally very hurt with the way she spoke. I used to support T-mobile with my friends who stuck with AT&T. I am not going to do that anymore. For what, right?





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