ZTE ZMax Pro Installing Malware From Play Store - What's Next?

    • The ZTE Zmax Pro is automatically installing Malicious software from the Google Play Store.
    • Even after fresh installs, the device will download specific Chinese malware.
    • This malware shows as installed only in the Google Play Store.
    • It does not show up in System Apps, nor Anti-Virus scanners, or file management applications.
    • The only way to remove it would be to root the phone, and that is not possible with this device.
    • The malicious app called "SystemUpdates" links to a publisher named "ZZte"; an obvious attempt for it to appear legitimate.
    • It's clear that by looking at others apps published and the official email for the publisher "Email 1207961578@qq[dot]com" that this is a scam.
    • .I understand that these devices are budget devices, but this is NOT ACCEPTABLE from T-Mobile. It many be ZTE's evil doing, but these devices are being sold by you directly and they are allowed to operate on your network. I hope to get some information on how to get rid of this device which was sold to me and put me at a risk for a security breach. I do not trust ZTE to properly correct this matter. It is up to T-Mobile to protect their customers. Please Advise. Thank you.

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