No internet service in Canada using ZTE MF64 Hotspot


    I have an issue using my ZTE MF64 Hotspot in Canada. I purchased the correct 7gig 30-day pass that allows me to roam anywhere in North America. I was able to get service initially when I was close to the U.S. border (device still connected to American wireless towers), but now that I'm in Canada, I simply cannot use any internet services. When I log into the admin interface for the device, I can see that it has been assigned a T-Mobile IP address, and DNS name resolution functions (if I ping '' the name is resolved to a correct Google address). Despite correct name resolution, ping responses time out, and I am unable to browse the internet. I can manually choose the cellular carrier to connect to (Rogers, Telus, or Bell) but it doesn't change the results.


    Important notes: I initiated a support call last Wednesday, at which point a T-Mobile representative told me they created a trouble ticket with Rogers in Canada, and assured me all will be working by Friday evening, but just in case, to wait until Saturday. One of your polite reps attempted calling me on two separate occasions (believe the first call was Sunday, and the second was yesterday morning) to check in. He left a message and invited me to call back if problems persisted. I called yesterday to report the problem has yet to be resolved, and spoke to another rep who has completely left me in limbo. He promised to look into the matter and promised to call me back. I haven't received a call-back. I'd like to speak with someone who is competent, as the individual I last spoke with did not seem to know what he was doing, kept interrupting me during the conversation, and generally left me feeling as though nothing would be resolved. On top of that, the last rep was very difficult to hear as there was a ton of background noise and loud voices smothering the conversation from his end.


    History: I purchased this hotspot a few years back while in the United States - it has worked flawlessly, and last worked in Canada sometime last year.


    Please help! I like the device, and I like the flexibility T-Mobile offers while travelling. I don't use this device very often, and when it does work, it performs well. I need to work with someone who can resolve the issue, and not waste my time with empty promises. I'm very tech-savvy and at this point expect the same. I DON'T need someone who refuses to review the history, and does simple tier-1 things such as check to be certain I purchased the correct pass for my account. This has been checked twice.


    Full disclosure: I'm a Canadian citizen & purchased this in the United States. It mostly gets use south of the border, but I have used it occasionally in the past in Canada. I haven't had a problem until now.

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