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    I want to put my Sim Card from my Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime into an older Nokia Lumia 635, I have tried Before to do it But some of My Apps ( Factory Installed Apps ) were Dark. I could Not Access Them. I do Not want to Lose Any Pictures or Contacts, i can Always Download Other Lost Apps Later. But i would like to Keep the pre-installed apps.  Can i do it Myself or should i just go to an Authorized Dealer ? I can not go to T-Mobile , because their Employees DON'T WANT TO DO IT, Even though when i CALLED T-Mobile, one of their Representatives SAID I COULD.

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        The reason this does not work and cannot be done is because the Sam song is an android phone in the Nokia is a Windows phone. The apps are not interchangeable.


        you'll need to move the pictures and files except for apps from the phone to a computer and then from the computer to the other phone. You may also be able to use cloud services such as Google Drive or Microsoft one drive to store that information and access it from the other phone later.