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    I have a $45 prepay 30-day plan. I am trying before I switch from AT&T. When I call the receiving party Caller ID window reads "Cell Phone IL" and my cell number but not my name as it did under my AT&T Number. I called T-Mobile 5 hours ago and they said it should take an hour or so for the record to update. It still is not listing my name and people are not answering my call since they don;t know the number being displayed.  How can I get the display to show my name?

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        I've never had my name displayed. Like most all mobile numbers mine is just the number and supposed city and state. However. When I quizzed a tmo rep about making sure my name did not appear they assured me it was removed. So. Seems both are possible and may take some time.for the system to update.

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          The whole name-ID system is a kludge. When one company's phone calls a different company's phone, no name information is transferred, just a number. The 2nd company then looks that number up in a database to present it to their customer. There are different name database services run by different providers. Propagating name changes to all the databases and getting the names to stick is an oft problematic exercise. They seem to be doing better now. A couple of years ago wrong names showing up in caller ID was a very common complaint.  

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              Yes. Then you have the caller ID apps. Some don't list a name but Google has the info. Some have the wrong name and still yet there are businesses that call me and the ID shows the personal name of the line owner rather than the name of the business. T-Mobile uses Hiya for Name ID. So yeah. Multiple sources with conflicting info that merge and separate and reorder and just make a mess of it all.

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              Hello, allenm28!


              Welcome to T-Mobile and our Support Community! Any luck on your Caller ID updating?

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                Just checking in here to see how things are going. Just to interject here a bit, with our pay in advance accounts, we do not have the ability to display your name. The only thing that will display on peoples caller IDs is going to be "Wireless Caller" or some other variant like you are seeing such as "Cell Phone".

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                  I've experienced this issue before. Normally it requires a trouble ticket to be filed with a technical support representative over the phone. If you escalate this to the right person it will be resolved. Unfortunately I've only seen it successfully done over the phone, specifically with the Technical Support department. I hope this helps.

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