This line on us promo port in question


    HI guys. I was trying to find info on the terms and conditions on the "this line on us promo " from February/ march 2017. Is there a document online ?


    Im asking  because I want to port a line from sprint to tmobile replacing the number on the free line that has  the promo.  I'm trying to find out if I lose the promo for changing the number of the line with a port in?


    Thank you for any info!

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      • tmo_marissa

        Re: This line on us promo port in question

        Hiya, valen2384! Great question. This promo happened slightly ahead of our Deals space's launch, so we don't have a document to reference for this one. But I looked at our internal information for the This Line's On Us promo from this spring (the dates I have are March 1st - 5th) and checked on port-ins. If you're already seeing the promotional credits on your bills for the free line, you should be fine as long as we port the number in to take over the free line (rather than porting it in as an additional line and canceling the free one -- the promotional eligibility won't transfer in that procedure).


        - Marissa