Can't delete Digits thread on Mac & PC, they keep coming back


    I have a problem in both Mac and PC (version 1.5.0/1.5.3) where deleted message threads return.  Their massive length makes the app grind to a halt as its reloads the entire thread history, both the deleted thread along with anything new that was done after the tread was deleted, IOW, threads are not deleted and separate deleted conversations with a recipient are just combined with new ones.  The threads are now so large that they consume 1GB or more in resources and the app so slow that it becomes unusable.  When Digits on Mac or PC grinds to a halt, my Galaxy S8 stops being able to send texts, I just get a spinning circle until I force-quit on Mac or CTRL+ALT+DEL and kill Digits and the service on PC.


    Simple question is...


    How do I delete threads in Digits for Mac and PC so that the threads are PERMANENTLY deleted and do not reappear when the app is restarted and lines registered...and new conversations only include the new content (whereas now new conversations are appended to old ones creating miles long threads).

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