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Detailed Analysis of iOS DIGITS App 1.1.4


    tmo_evan tmo_chris tmo_marissa tomodell


    Here is the detailed analysis for iOS DIGITS app 1.1.4 with iOS 11 BETA Public Release 6


    1. Lines are staying active even after prolong use (will keep an eye on that)
    2. App is crashing sometime after receiving a text when I am trying to open it
    3. Cant identify which line the call is coming to
    4. Address Book mess up is not seen so far
    5. Dialer is still broken as reported by tomodell

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      • magenta2209275

        iPhone 7 (iOS 10.3.3) AT&T using DIGITS app.   My line goes inactive numerous times per day.  I have to close out of the app and then log back in.  Sometimes I have to do this more than once as it'll go inactive again right after sending a text.  Sometimes it'll work for several hours without going inactive.  I did the update yesterday but hasn't improved for me.  Typically if I close out the app and log back in it'll work for a bit

        • gzgg99

          Re: Detailed Analysis of iOS DIGITS App 1.1.4

          My app (1.1.4) is crashing and the only fix is to uninstall it and reinstall.  It will work for a few hours and then I have to repeat.  When it's crashed it won't receive incoming calls.  The only way I know its happened is if I try to make an outbound call or send a text.  I've now been told that there are known issues with people who use the app vs phones that natively support multiple lines.  Why wasn't I told this before I ported my business number over to this?  I cannot run a business off a phone number that doesn't work.  Class Action suit anyone?


              My Digits app is doing the same thing on both an iPad and iPhone. I cannot use it. I open the app and it immediately crashes. It has progressively gotten worse the farther along the app has been in development. It takes forever when you click on a number to dial before it gives you the screen to call.  I want to like this program because having three lines on one device is awesome but it simply doesn't work like its supposed to. I am over it!

            • tmo_marissa

              Hey folks. I just wanted to check in here and see if you're still seeing app crashes. I couldn't find anything about this in our emerging issues and I'd like to send over some details if you're still seeing this issue. debjitjdv, magenta2209275, gzgg99, and gabrielsotelo, are you all using app version 1.1.4 and still having trouble with this? If so, would you be willing to reply with the following information:


              - Device model and software version.

              - Detailed description of the situation (when we say "crash" do we mean freezing, closing itself, or not responding and needs to be force closed).

              - Steps to reproduce the issue (curious if anyone else has noticed any patterns or the pattern debjitjdv mentioned with SMS notifications, or if the app is crashing at all times, whether you're connected to the network or Wi-Fi, etc.).


              For anyone with the line inactivity concerns, we'd love the same details about your model and software, as well as an estimated length of time without use prior to the line going inactive. We've heard some reports back from users that this seems to have improved on this app version, and we do know there's an ongoing issue where some customer account changes might cause some internal provisioning to drop off of an account, but that's something that we'd need to have a team with account access (our Tech care folks over the phone would be ideal) take a peek at to determine if that's the cause. 


              Thank you so much in advance for this feedback. The more examples and details we can provide, the better! We appreciate your time. <3


              - Marissa

                • debjitjdv

                  Re: Detailed Analysis of iOS DIGITS App 1.1.4

                  tmo_marissa Sorry for being late. Here are the details with app version 1.1.5 (I updated to 1.1.5 before saw your post. Anyways things are not good in the last update as well)


                  1. The app 1.1.5 is still crashing after receiving a text and even during texting. By crashing I mean abrupt complete closure of the app.
                  2. The dialer issue is till there but as tmo_chris mentioned I am looking forward to the app update around 8/29.
                  3. Line inactivity is still a big big concern. Overnight I sleep, and my DIGITS line sleep as well. In morning the only way I can bring back the lines to active mode is by rebooting my iPhone. No other solution seen so far. Even during day time, after prolong no usage, lines become inactive.
                  4. Called line identification is still now working. This is an important feature used to work fine. Not sure why it no longer works.


                  Device Model: iPhone 6 T-Mo version, iOS 11 Public BETA 6

                  Pattern: Does not matter whether my iPhone is connected to LTE or WiFi. It crashes i.e. closes abruptly.


                  Surprisingly, for the Android DIGITS app version 1.1.10, everything works except number 4. There is no crash in the Android app, dialer works like butter, line stays active and I am on 7.1.1. Like iOS app, Android app fails to identify the called line which is a little bit annoying. Surely iOS BETA Public 6 is not the culprit because I saw the same app behavior in iOS 10.3.3.

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                  • gzgg99

                    Re: Detailed Analysis of iOS DIGITS App 1.1.4

                    I upgraded to 1.1.5 too.  I have an iPhone 7Plus running the latest publicly available version of IOS.  I don't have a lot of activity over the weekend, so today will be more telling of how stable the app is under normal conditions.


                    So far, through the weekend, I haven't had any issues with this version of the app.  1.1.4 would work for a few hours and then any time I tried to open the app it would open, show a spinning circle for 1-2 seconds and then close itself.  If I double clicked the home button the app showed up there, if I clicked the app it would follow the same behavior.  Spinning cirle and the app disappeared.  A force quit or reboot still got the same behavior.  The only way to get it to work for a few more hours was to uninstall the app and download it and set it up again.