New EAP build available for Android


    Hey testers! We are testing a new EAP build v1.1.9 of DIGITS on Android and would love to hear your feedback. You can update to the latest build via Google groups. Most of the changes are back-end as it pertains to messaging, call logs and voicemail sync. Please update your apps and let us know what you think!


    Apple folks, never fret! There will be a new build available via Test flight very soon!

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      • laestrella

        Re: New EAP build available for Android

        Hi tmo_chris


        What Goolge Group? I thought we just update via the play store.


        Second. I kept getting a notice that a new version of the app was available. The app kept taking me to the play store where I was told my app was up to date which then resulted in an endless loop.


        I uninstalled the Digits app but now I can't get the app to activate as it won't detect my phone number (using a duplicate sim). I want to just use my virtual line.

          • tmo_chris

            Re: New EAP build available for Android

            Sorry for the confusion! Since you added to the whitelist for the Android EAP, you will be able to get the EAP version directly from the Play Store. As for the endless loop of the app telling you that you were up-to-date, can you try putting your primary SIM in the duplicate phone and downloading the app that way?