DIGITS is lossing its REALIBILITY and Credibility as well


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    I am not sure if its an isolated problem for me, but seeing other posts and combining my personal experience over last couple of days, I can make one strong comment, DIGITS IS LOSING ITS RELIABILITY AND CREDIBILITY. And if I am making this comment, that implies I have made all possible of trouble shooting to make sure I have exhausted them.


    List of problems:

    1. Activation of DIGITS T&T Line: I have a DIGITS T&T Line ending in 2120 which I can activate in LG G5 but not in my S7 Edge using the same SIM card and same T-MO ID. I have no logical explanation to this except somehow system has blacklisted S7 Edge for that number, Even DIGITS app can activate the line. Called DIGITS Tech care number it ended up in normal tech who can only say "How can I help you Sir?". Twitter support lodged a ticket but so far no good. They are confused like me as well. The only message I receive in S7 Edge is "failed" which is useless without having any other error code or error messages. Even two Factory Reset / Master Reset did not solve the issue. I am pretty much sure it is something or some sort of weird unforeseen backend issues.
    2. Call Syncing / Text Syncing / Call or Text Receiving: This issue has happened multiple times in past. tmo_evan asked engineering team, it gets fixed and then resurfaces. Why? Why engineering team cant fix this basic issue? Since Multi-line settings is in-built in S7 Edge and G5, they supposed to be more optimized and system friendly. But it is not.

      What bothers me is that sometime I get a call in G5 not in S7 Edge or vice-versa. So what is the point of using DIGITS if I have to carry both the devices for my work and personal numbers? Andi purposefully bought S7 Edge and G5 so that I dont have to use DIGITS app. All the purposes are defeated
    3. Noise in call: Whenever I call from SIM line its fine, but the moment I call using DIGITS T&T Line, its noisy. I don't understand. This problem happens irrespective of device, in built or DIGITS app.
    4. Short code SMS:  I know tmo_evan said that they have made some system changes and short code providers are in the procedure of opting in. How long that is going to take? And a little heads up for such major changes would be much appreciated. I am pretty much sure not only me but many people who depends on One Time Passwords (OTP) for online transactions are facing the issue as the OTP is never reaching our devices. It would be unwise to assume that people will always set a SIM'ed number as their bank transaction purposes. Since DIGITS are truly T-Mobile numbers, they can be used for mainstream other than a burner number or in Craiglist.
    5. LineLink Issue: I use my duplicate SIM card in my LineLink device and call drops is a norm there. tmo_evan asked engineering team to look into that. They called me, they had conversations with me, they felt the problem but they came up with no solution other than suggesting me to change RJ-11 / RJ-45 cable which I did but as per my expectation it did not resolve the issue. Because the issue is definitely in somewhere else.


    In summary, now I really believe DIGITS was much better and stable during its BETA phase. At that time many complex scenarios and system handled it well both in DIGITS app and in in bult Multi-line settings. But now after commercial launch, every moment I am scared that I am going to miss either a work call or a personal call and carry both the devices. And in some cases (especially critical work and personal cases), I have started switching to Google Voice numbers for better reliability which has served me well for past 5 years. I hope DIGITS engineers figure out the issues ASAP. Its their system, they should know it. Being an engineer I know engineering solution is not 100% failure proof, but in engineering there is a terminology called Fail-Safe system which allows to continue basic functionalities even if major features fail. DIGITS have no Fail-Safe. Once it starts malfunctioning, it just goes on.


    tmo_evan I am sorry for these detailed critical comments. I tried to be as supportive as possible but when I get clueless with problems, how can I suggest other people some solutions. I hope your team and engineering team figure out these soon and builds Fail-Safe. Also I dont know why the DIGITS Tech care number got merged with usual care team.

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